Maria Zeee & guest Chris Sky, the #1 advocate to make sure the world stops complying. This go round we're going to need GLOBAL UNITED NON-COMPLIANCE..

Cruise ship allegedly had an "outbreak" of the latest invisible enemy and mask wearing has returned. The main reason we didn't succeed last time was because of our compliance. Global ghouls are trying to reinstitute the C-19 fear & implementing mask mandates. They know if they lose this time they lose for good. Our mantra? Just say, "No" & do not comply. Do not comply. Do not comply.

In this segment:  WHO Indonesian Health minister wants to implement the WHO treaty mandating shots for everyone.

Non-compliance is more crucial than ever because of endless boosters required by the WHO.  

Lab grown blood is in a clinical trial for blood transfusions due uncontaminated blood being unavailable because so many people having taken the jab - contaminating the majority of the blood supply.    

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Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant Area 8

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