Mexican Style Dinner May 26th 6pm-8pm

There are a few items still needed for the dinner please sign up by following the link or call Suzy

Event May 24, 2022
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or call Suzy 541 274 1007
If approx 40 people are coming we still need...
Meat - 2 more people to each bring 2-3 lbs

Olives 32 oz or so

Guacamole - approx 2 lbs

Tomatoes -  3-4 lbs diced

Salsa - we need another large jar 

Green or White onions - a large bowl chopped

Jalapenos -  a large jar

Tortilla Chips - 2 large bags

Rice -large  pot

Dessert- your choice

Bring your own drink and cash for the raffle

We will be having an important discussion we hope you will all give input to and opporunity to meet some new PR friends

052622-potluck-mexican-theme-dinner.jpg (532 KB)

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