Need 200 people at KID offices tomorrow

12:45 May 13th
Info May 12, 2021
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Please joins us at 12 :45 in front of the KID offices ( 6640 Kid Lane just off of Short Rd) just prior to their committee meeting at 1 p.m. 

FYI:This morning BOR shared with KID that there will be no water this year. 

We would like to show KID in numbers that we support them in opening the head-gates. 

Also suggested we call. Congressman Bentz text his cell 542-212-2010 or call his office 541-249-4085.

"This is to show our support for the KID Board of Directors that we will stand with them in taking our water.  We need it to be peaceful and nice.  I read the flyer again and see where people could think we are protesting the Board.  They need to know we stand with them." -Pat Lunde

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