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NOW !!! IS the Time to Stand

Since March of this year (and before) we have talked, debated and preached about the lies of our media and what sources of information we should be paying attention to. We have discussed untruth, misinformation, misdirection, cover ups, scams, cons, crimes, etc.

Last night and again this morning it seems that the media is winning the war, everyone appears to be glued to the media in all forms and fashions waiting for the outcome of the presidential election.

Have we as a people not prepared for this day? Have we as a people not prayed for this day? Have we not asked the Lord to grant us a favorable outcome? 

And now are we to anxiously await the father of all lies to tell us what is next?

Today, People's Rights, is the day you need to turn your attention away from the airwaves that have infected the fabric of who we are for so long. Today is the day to stand. Today is the day to pray for your country, your state, your town, your community, your neighbors, your family, and yourself.

Today is the day to stand, stand and see the salvation of the Lord !

45th presidential election

45th week of the year

Isiah Chapter 45

God Bless you all,

Don Smith

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