Organizer of Spokane gathering receives threats of extortion from city

Event Sep 19, 2021
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A peaceful gathering of freedom loving individuals is scheduled for September 25 from 10am-12pm at Riverfront park in Spokane.  This is an organic gathering, a man simply posted a request for people to gather made a flyer to spread the word.  After an overwhelming response the event has received a lot of attention.  The city of Spokane specifically sent the figure head a message trying to intimidate him and others from gathering at the park.  There will be like minded freedom loving people there to network, build community and talk about new job opportunities. You can also learn about freedom loving companies in the area and others creating goods some with their creations on hand to barter, exchange for silver, gold, cryptocurrency or even take part in the gifting economy.  There will even be some music and food available to those who come and celebrate what it's like to have choice and freedom again.

The city of Spokane's message included threats of extortion to the figure head and to any "vendors" that attempt to set up without proper permission. Here is a link to his report on it -   People's Rights Washington Area 8 will be there to make sure the rights of the people to peacefully assemble are observed.  We are holding a meeting at the park this Wednesday(9/22) to help creators bringing their creations understand how to thwart any extortion attempts by the King's minions.  We will be documenting what happens on the 25th to show the power of the people. 

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