Patriot Duane Ehmer charged in Gilliam County for trespass & felon in possession

Duane Ehmer was charged January 25, 2022 while stopping in Condon, Oregon to corral his horse overnight

Duane Ehmer was charged Tuesday January 25, 2022 with trespass from the Gilliam County Fairgrounds in Condon, Oregon after corralling his horse in a stall.  Mr. Ehmer had decided to ride his horse across county from Oregon to the State of Florida, the reason for the journey was to 'see friends, that's it.' he stated.  

Duane slept in the adjacent stall, next to his horse.  Fairground staff entered the stable that morning to feed horses and noticed Mr. Ehmer's horse. Duane claimed he attempted to calm the situation by informing the staff that he was going to pay for use of the stall.  The employee called the Gilliam County Sheriff to have him trespassed.  The Gilliam Sheriff Department not only charged him with trespass but also with Felony in Possession after finding out he had a 1860 cap n'ball revolver in his baggage. 

Duane Ehmer rides his horse at Malheur Wildlife Refuge Harney County, Oregon 2016 - courtesy GettyImages

Duane Ehmer was booked and released.  Now back on his horse and off to Fossil, Oregon where he may have to stay for the next two weeks as he is due back in court for these charges.  Mr. Ehmer believes under the law he has the right to have that specific revolver.  He decided to include the weapon in case he encountered any predatory animals on his travels.

Story provided by: Casey Whalen / North Idaho Exposed (Idaho State Assistant)

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