Sean King, without probable cause or necessity, groped Marrisa Anderson, after having been frisked and shaken down earlier by police and after having her baby ripped from her.
Case Apr 6, 2022 Apr 6, 2022
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Sean King, previously resigned from the Caldwell Police Dept in Idaho for alleged sexual misconduct, and following a pattern by the band of brothers, aka,  police, they hired him on to the Meridian Idaho police department in spite of his previous record.   

Please read the above link for more details.

After you are thoroughly nauseated by what you see, please take action against this pervert by calling the Meridian police department and expressing your disgust.  

King could have called over a female officer, but even that was not necessary as she had already been groped earlier by other police officers.  This was a case of sexual harassment and abuse.


Please call Meridian Idaho Police Dept (208) 888-6678 to express your disgust

Apr 6, 2022 Apr 6, 2022 Apr 6, 2022, 3:37 pm MDT
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After becoming outraged by the above story in the newsroom, please express your disgust that we have to be exposed to officers like Sean King, and be at his mercy on or near Meridian.

(208) 888-6678

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