POLICE ABUSE. Caught on video. Victim left paralyzed for life.

This was presented by Free Thought Project from their Police Abuse files.

2 police video footage (1 from inside the van.  1 from inside the driver's seat.  It was disturbing to me so you may not want to watch.)  Narrative to best of my ability without passing judgement but you can view the videos through link below.

First video screen:  No seat belt or restraints on the victim even though his hands are handcuffed behind his back.  Van appears to make an abrupt stop.None of the officers responded to his pleas for about 9 minutes even though he yelled in a muffled voice that he was on his face & had dificulty breathing.   When officers did appear, you can hear them say nothing's wrong with him (even when the man could not move his arms) telling the victim about 6 times to "get up" - even telling him if he didn't get up they were going to pull him out.  There's nothing on the 1st video after video time stamp 19:18 except view of the empty police van & audio of conversations outside the police van - voices telling him "sit up".  THIS WAS ALL AFTER HE'D TOLD THEM BEFORE THEY TRIED TO MOVE HIM THAT HE FELT LIKE HIS NECK WAS BROKEN.  NO audio of words indicating concern about the man's injuries.

2nd video screen of driver of police van.  Driver appears to try to avoid something & stops abruptly.  The victim's muffled voice asking for help can be heard but the driver just yells, "Are you all right?" & doesn't check on the victim.  Between the two videos one can pretty much "get the picture".  

At the time of the posting, the video was 5 months old & the victim left quadriplegic & on a respirator.

Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant Area 8

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