Good Morning PRO5!  This is your weekly update for the week of May 17th, 2021

It looks like the Klamath Falls water issue is about to heat up.  The federal agencies under the cover of night, reinstalled the bulkheads that block water from flowing into the the canal during the winter.  The agency has told the ranchers "NO WATER FOR YOU THIS YEAR". This is a fluid situation at the moment and we will keep the group updated as more information becomes available.  You can read about the details directly in the newsroom, as Area 6 is posting updates daily.

This week is a normal TUES/WED schedule. TUESDAY is also the last day to turn in your ballots for the election. PLEASE make sure to vote!

TUESDAY, MAY 18th  PRO5 HQ at Aspen Lakes 6-8pm.  

This week we will talk briefly about the leadership training some of our First Responders went to in Idaho.  They spent 4 days with a group of America's elite special forces operators learning leadership skills that transcend across all platforms of life.  

Savanah Lay, the teen in Prineville who collapsed on the basketball court during practice, along with her mom Jessica Lay, will be speaking to the group about what happened to Savannah and the fight they are taking on to make sure it doesn't happen to any of our kids again

Candy Yow, a well known outdoorswoman and hunter will be talking about her group of ladies across the United States that are standing up and fighting to protect the the 2nd amendment.  Candy and her husband Randy have multiple television shows on channels like the outdoor network as they travel the world hunting big game.  Randy and Candy live outside Fort Rock, Oregon and are interested in progressing Peoples Rights around the State.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 19th, PRO5 HQ at Aspen Lakes 6-8pm.  

John Shenk will be there working on radios and preparing for his Antenna building event coming up in June

Calista Songstad will be leading the Legislative Warriors group talking about the youth mask issue, vaccine passports, and SB865

Jeanette Bondsteel is back and leading a LGOP Leader meeting and is asking for ALL LGOP LEADERS to do their best to make it.

Kyle Kovash will be presenting Part 2 of his defense series, REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM, using Krav Maga, an Israeli based defense martial art.

Please continue to support our businesses that stood up to fight back against the State's abusive mandate.  You can find our list at 

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