Recap of Area 5 meeting on 5-10-2022 and agenda for meeting 5-24-2022

Remember, America is a Constitutional Republic. Learn how our great country was founded
Info May 20, 2022
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We were blessed to have Duncan as a guest speaker join us and share with us the "Overview of America."

He gave us the following Action List:

Action Items

“I am only one; but I am one.  I cannot do everything; but I can do something.  What I can do I should do; and with the help of God I will do!”  Edward Everett Hale


1)  Contact Area 5 county Sheriffs and ask them to please ask the Washington State Sheriffs    Association, president, Sheriff Thomas E. Jones, of Grant County, to bring retired Sheriff Richard Mack, from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), to the fall WSSA meeting, in September, for training.  Then, also, contact Sheriff Thomas E. Jones and ask him to please bring Richard Mack from the CSPOA ( to the fall WSSA meeting for training.

-  Sheriff Thomas E. Jones, Grant County Sheriff and President of the Washington State Sheriffs Association.  Phone:  (509) 750-7301  Email:

-  Sheriff Tom Croskrey, Benton County Sheriff.   Phone:  (509) 628-0333  Email:

-  Sheriff Jim Raymond, Franklin County Sheriff.   Phone:  (509) 545-3560  Email:

-  Sheriff Mark Crider, Walla Walla County Sheriff.   Phone:  (509) 524-5400  Email:

-  Sheriff Robert Udell, Yakima County Sheriff.   Phone:  (509) 574-2500  Email:


2)   Congressional Scorecard –      Become familiar with your congressman and senators voting record, then distribute the scorecard to friends, family, businesses, local elected representatives, etc.   Contact your congressman and senators and educate them on the proper role of government and invite them to keep their Article VI oath of office.  The best way to keep our Republic is through an informed electorate.


3)  Make it a habit to invite and bring with you someone to each People’s Rights’ meeting.


Our next meeting will be 5-24-2022. 

We will be discussing the current situation with the WHO and what we can do, what can we do with CPS situations, and we will show the "2000 Mules" documentary.

We have a guest speaker lined up for the June 14 meeting sharing with us "The 2nd Amendment"


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