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Event Feb 21, 2022 Jun 25, 2022
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The spring camp out is March 5 to the 11th.

We are having it really close to home this time for those who would like to come in for the day. 

Directions: Heading east on the 60 towards Globe you will pass the Renaissance Festival and then when you see the 'Picket Post' sign ( between mile markers 221 and 222) turn right or south.  There will be a Y in the road  take the left side and you will see us on the left. I have the 14x26 awing with the white tarp. Another person will have a rounded great big tent. Probably the trampoline will be set up also. Children are so welcome.   There are lots of hiking areas around and it is near the gun range. Campers need to bring a potty and water.  We have potluck every night at 5:30. We eat like Kings and Queens.  We hope you'll come join us for the week or by the day.  If you have some Prep class to teach we would love it!  This site is horse friendly if you have horses you want to bring.

I will be going in to set up on Friday as I want to attend a gun event Sat. from 9 to 12. It is free and really going to be good. They are going to teach us Az gun laws, what to do if you have to shoot someone, what to say or not to say. There will be scenarios played out. There will be no real guns and food will be served after.

Go to 2.A.EVENTBRITE.COM  to sign up

They also have classes every Wednesday nights at 7. Well worth the time spent. I have learned so much.

Contact Roxie at 602-689-1353 for questions


Location - see the pic

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Patrick & Roxie will be camping again but in this location this week.  please feel free to join them for the week or even just the day!

Potluck each night at 5:00pm 


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