St. Louis County Committies of Restoration (

Meetings are held every Tuesday @ 6:30 PM @ 9165 Highway 53 in Cotton, MN 55724

There is a member of People's Rights doing some great work involved with forming a "Committee of Restoration" in St. Louis County in Minnesota. These committees can and should be formed within every county in the country to as a tool to help us solve this tyrannical mess we now find ourselves in. Attending these meeting will help give you a better idea how to begin forming a Committee of Restoration within your own local county of residence. This is also a great opportunity for anybody to meet wonderful like-minded people actively involved in the fight to save our county as well as our children's future. More information below.

Meetings: Every Tuesday @ 6:30 PM, 9165 Highway 53 in Cotton, MN 55724


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