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Statement and Proofs of Robert's Arrest at Central District Health

14979 Info Oct 28, 2020 Nov 8, 2020
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I figured I would put out a written statement, backed up with some links. As I don't know how to do an official statement... I figured this would do.

Central District Health passed a mask mandate to specifically harsh The Voice of those who are against the mask "mandate" even if it's not a violation of the Ada, "no exceptions" except for children under 2, typical government talk right? But usually no exceptions except us(them). In their meeting they specifically say doing this will stop those outside who won't wear a mask. In my opinion, they were politically targeting.

 Intentionally hushing disagreeing voices.

They are also trying to enforce a "no weapons facility" in which he says he gets the authority from being a public servant. You will also see when I was officially trespassed, it was for my firearm!

This building is owned by Health District #4 (public building) feel free to independently verify.

As for my conduct in the meeting this is the video I've made public of what happened in the Room filmed by my wife with my phone. Previous to this I was quietly listening to the meeting while following along with the paperwork that was provided.

I also have body cam from walking up on the door to the facility all the way to the police car. The edited video is cut from the body cam. I have not made the rest of it public as of right now.

I was charged with trespassing. I'm not sure how this is going to go because I can't wear a mask and I won't "plead" to a video screen, doesn't due process say in person? I have a feeling this could be a bumpy ride any help would be much appreciated.

At this time what I would ask for your prayers petitioning to the Heavenly Father. Any help you can give to the petitioning of the worldly "officials" is greatly appreciated, I'm not as worried about them. I'm working out a way I may be able to take on the financial part myself even if I go the expensive route of an attorney. I would say this is about 30% roughly. 

I know some people don't believe in the Heavenly Father but ...I do.. and I find strength in Him, I'm not here to push Him on you he gave you the Right to deny Him, who am I to question. I just hope others see His Spirit in me so they can find His Spirit within themselves. In my time of weakness that is the true me coming out, the scared little boy crying in the corner wishing to just be left alone, in my times of strength, what you see is His light within me, when I let him take over. Even if you don't believe in the Heavenly Father.... you think I just have some kind of strength or something like that ...that strength is my belief in Him. If you think I'm just a dummy, I'm okay with that too they, thought that of my brother a couple thousand years ago also. Okay thank you for reading this long, one more this is a song I find comforting in times like these, thank you for reading this.

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