Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

The P.A.C.T. Rally and People’s Rights 1st Annual Freedom Fair was such a HUGE SUCCESS!!! We could not have done ‘it’ without your help or without your attendance. READ MORE

Info Mar 28, 2022
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Thank You everyone from the bottom of our hearts; the Saturday P.A.C.T. Rally and P.R. Freedom Fair was an awesome events and such a blessing!!!

Your hard work and participation did not go unnoticed:

Thank you to Ammon for letting us use the warehouse.

Thank you to those who traveled the furthest or overcame difficulties to be there.

Thank you to those who cleaned out the warehouse, put up new dry wall, and hung our banners.

Thank you to those who set-up the video presentation and sound system.

Thank you to those who arrived early to help organize, wrap tables, set out tables, set-up potluck tables, and decorated.

Thank you to the balloon retrieval specialists.

A SPECIAL Thank you to everyone who had a table. The time, energy, and resources expended to plan, gather, set-up and work the event is great and was greatly appreciated. Without you there would not have been a Freedom Fair! (And thank you for the sheep which were fun to pet.)

Thank you to all the presenters at the rally, final meeting, and prayer.

Thank you to our wonderful band; they are awesome!

Thank you to our security team.

Thank you to those who did their best to get parking under control.

Thank you to the guardian of the potluck table.

Thank you to all of those who supervised the many wonderful happy children at our family friendly event by watching your own children and keeping an eye out for others.

A BIG Thank you to all who attended!!! Thank you to all who brought something for the potluck. Our tables were truly overflowing with wonderful and delicious food.

We do apologize for not having enough chairs…..

1) we thought more people would have brought their own 

2) we just had more people than we expected) 

It is an awesome 'problem' to have!  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you to ALL our Area Assistants for all you do; for planning meetings, being there for advice and support, making the commitment to be a 'first-responder', and so much more.

Thank you to all who stayed behind to clean and close-up our warehouse.

Saturday's event was beyond what we envisioned. It had the energy and excitement we were looking for. It is our hope it encouraged you to continue on with the mission and goals People's Rights set forth the last two years.

We hope YOU are already looking forward to next year's event like we are!!!

~ Alicia and Maggie

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