Hospitals across the country have recently started to deny healthcare to patients that refuse to be injected with untested DNA-changing biologic agents! Even transplant patients! The last thing kidney transplant patients needs, or anyone else, is to be injected with a biological substance—created with bioweapons research funded by Dr. Fauci, first at the University of North Carolina, then move to Wuhan—that genetically alter our bodies to produce the very spike proteins that are the toxins. The result would very likely be death, and these are not normal “passings”. These are horrible, suffering deaths.
Case Jan 25, 2022
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Healthcare Denied

My name is Kirk MacKenzie. I have been on dialysis the past 3 years waiting hopefully for a kidney transplant. Offers had just starting coming when, within 5 days of each other, two transplant centers in different states called to say no shot, no transplant. Both removed me from their active lists, prepared to let me die instead.

A few days later, my local hospital refused to do an essential test unless I submitted to PCR test. The PCR is not a SARS-Cov-2 test. It is an on-ramp to isolation, surveillance, “vaccination”, endless booster shots, and a horrible death.

I have no COVID symptoms, something we called healthy before it was renamed asymptomatic.

Transplant Patients Told To die

This represents a revolutionary national change to healthcare policies. Here are three examples of other transplant patients—nationwide—that experienced similar denials. All within the past few weeks.

They are Shamgar Connors (Virginia), Robin Ryan (Massachusetts), and Meri Tiekamp (Kansas). Listen to their stories.

The “New Normal”?

We are the canaries in the coal mine.

If this becomes the “new normal”, healthcare will be denied to you, your family, and your friends. If they can coerce us for no reason, they can coerce anyone for any reason.

Neither me, my family, or you or yours should be coerced into waiving our unalienable rights by threats of medical care being denied.

Unalienable Rights vs. Corporate Policies

Our rights come from God. We The People are sovereigns. We created this country by our Declaration of Independence to recognize our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Further unalienable rights were recognized by the Bill of Rights, with the 9th Article making it clear more could be added, and the 10th Article making clear they were beyond federal jurisdiction.

Corporations, by contrast, are not people. They are legal fictions, whose lawful existence was created by legislation. How is it that government, which may not trespass on our rights, can create something that can? The very idea is preprosterious on its face.

Hospitals and other corporations have no unalienable rights. Yet, the claim is our rights are voidable by corporations. If they are voidable, they are not unalienable. Our sovereignty is being transferred to corporations, which are given the further benefits of immunity and quasi-monopoly status.

The threat to withhold medical care for COVID and vaccine-related reasons is particularly troubling, because there are sharply different views on whether this is "science" or "politics", and divides the country into political factions, one that wants its Rights, and those that go along. Wrong decisions can and will cost lives, and being "cancelled" is discriminatory.

We created our governments with extreme care to include copious protections. Pursuing one requires an accuser, a warrant, the presumption of innocence, protection against self-incrimination, representation, a trial, the right to face and cross examine your accuser, to raise a defense, and to have the right of appeal.

All of these protections are swept away by the "corporate bypass". No accuser, no warrant. Presumed guilty even if there are no COVID symptoms ("asyptomatic"). Forced self-incrimation. No representation, defense, trial, or cross-examination, or appeal. Guilty! Verdict: reduced or no healthcare, isolation, surveillance, limited travel, masks, denial of healthcare, a job, or an education.

We Are Fighting Back

Myself, Shamgar Connors, and other transplant victims are fighting back. As a result, we have been taken off the active transplant waiting list. Their logical is this. For some unjustified reason, the hospitals that had been reporting 94-95% survival rates are now saying survival rates have plummeted to 60-70% unless injected with the new DNA-altering "vaccinations". When asked for data, they cite the CDC. 

So the logic is it is better to die for certain than to face a survival rate of only 50-70%?!

The is not just about us. This is about you and yours, the future of this country and of the world. Will humanity be treated as equals? Or as cattle.

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