UPDATE: German chemist Dr. Andreas Noack found DEAD after exposing presence of graphene hydroxide in covid “vaccines”

The video below of Dr. Andreas Noack has more information than reported in the earlier video & the translation is much better & more comprehensive.  Dr. Noack exposes the presence of graphene hydroxide in Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.” Three days later, Noack mysteriously died.

MRNA is complex & has been parroted repeatedly from the start which was possibly a diversion to keep us from noticing the graphene hydroxide.  Graphene oxide findings have been reported on for some time but the hydroxide is what makes these razor blades.

People die very soon after injection if injected into the vein.  If the jab is injected into a muscle, the death will be slower.  Victim slowly dies of internal bleeding i.e., strokes, hemorrhage, heart attack as the razors cut up the cardiovascular system etc.

The video has example of a woman with graphene hydroxide (razor blade) hemorrhages in her breasts.  

"Razor blades" are PERMANENT in the body & do NOT degrade.

This is in ALL the vaccines so this is what's being injected into our children as well.