Warning from a Turkey Farmer about Farm Land in America. Small scale Homestead warns of farm land being grabbed by Billionaires & Government.

"The gov't has made a pact with the billionaires & you guys are watching this daily unfold right before your face. They're gonna own all the land where we grow our food & they're going to dictate how high you got to jump. They're going to pass out that vaccine passport i'm telling you it's coming! They're not gonna let this go. They're just they're slow boiling you. Turning you against your neighbor, isolating you cause they know there's gonna be a lot of resistance."

Only a 17 minute video includes short clip of the incident with the government, the Bundy clan & their neighbors & how they all stuck together.  God bless em!   (The video producer omits the fact that Ammon & his brother went to prison for 2 years but video is VERY informative & probably reveals a different approach to their agenda a lot of us haven't thought about.)


Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant Area 8

KE4HCE Prescott Repeater

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