Washington is growing's how to connect with your neighbors:

Hello WA State! We are growing leaps and bounds and are preparing to break down each area, by county, as long as there's enough people and Area Assistants to do so. We currently have less than 10%, who have logged on and updated their zip code. That means, if you have not done so, you will NO LONGER get texts or emails for situations and needs in your area. Please take a moment to log in, with your phone number, and it will immediately prompt you to enter your zip code. It takes less than a minute and will ensure you are staying connected to what's going on around your local community. 

Main national website to log on and update your zip code: 

Watch this short video, to learn more about what the founders cautioned us, regarding centralized federal powers: 



Nothing matters more than neighbors uniting neighbors right now. Together we can do so much good in this world!!! Together we can defend each other from criminals. Alone we can do little and we will likely burn out along the way. A cord of 3 strands is not quickly broken. 

~Kelli Stewart, Clark County WA

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