Hello PRO5,

We just wanted to take a moment to update you on the weekly events for the week of Feb 8th.

THE THURSDAY FEB 11TH MEETING IS CANCELLED DUE TO THE WINTER STORM COMING IN.  The forecast is calling for 4-7" of snow to fall Thursday into the evening and as PRO5 is such a large group over a large area, driving in to the meeting, at some distance for many, just seems like it is too questionable, so we thought it best to just cancel this week and resume as normal the following.  We would hate for any of our members to have an issue or get in an accident coming or going from our meeting!

The texting system is still under repair, but should be back active any moment now.  In order to receive the texts again, each member will need to have the "Signal" app installed on their device.  Signal is available for both apple and android, and is free to use and download.  So, once the system is back up, the only difference will be that the text message will be delivered to the Signal App instead of direct to your phone as a standard text message.  That's it! No groups to join or find.. Simply download signal and the texts will come again as they have for the past 9 months.

Wednesdays work meeting will go on this week as scheduled, at 6PM at PRO5 Headquarters located at Aspen Lakes.  With the interest of the last 2 weeks, the Food Network group will be meeting again, as well as the State of East Oregon group.  Last week was a great start to the discussion and we will move forward mapping out what the new government should look like.

Calista Songstad has recruited some help with the Legislative call to action group and has two very experiences writers coming in to assist in establishing the action plan to fight back against these abusive bills coming out of Salem.

Scott Stuart will again present his next level of his Maskology effort, bringing his newest information forward as we continue to work to get our community back open!

OF COURSE we will also have our LGOP table, new member sign up table, First Responder table, and the Comms team there to help with radios.

We hope you have a great week and we will see you tomorrow at the Wednesday work meeting!

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