What the People's Rights System Should be Used for and What it Should Not be Used for

What should the People's Rights System be used for and what should it not be used for?

The People's Rights System is designed to help unify neighbors in the defense of an individual's rights. It is not designed to be a tool for political activism or to be used to promote efforts that influence a political agenda. The People's Rights Network is a free association of individual people that have committed to defend each other's rights. The People's Rights System should only be used to promote neighbor unity, preparation and to inform neighbors when a person's rights are being damaged or clearly about to be damaged. The People's Rights Network should be activated when a person's rights are directly being threatened.

People's Rights Definitions

It is essential that those involved in People's Rights understand the following words and definitions.  Words are important.  Words have meaning.  And, it is important that we understand certain words the same. 

A man, woman or child (not a corporation or government entity).

Multiple individual people considered together.

People's Rights
See; People's Rights Network (not a hierarchy; not a controlled top down organization)    

People's Rights System
The communication systems, tools and procedures that have been created to help unify people; accessible or promoted through

People's Rights Network
A network of people connected together by the People's Rights System.

A person's individual claim upon their life, liberty (freedom) or absolute ownership and exclusive control of justly-acquired property... or any other specific right (such as freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, etc) that can be properly and directly derived from one (or a combination of) these three foundational rights.

Speaking collectively of more than one right.

Something upon which claim can be made, by only an individual person, of exclusive ownership due to acquisition by effort, energy, talent or contract/purchase/gift. Property may include (but is not limited to) one's own body, land, buildings, animals, personal effects, etc.

(a) To inflict physical harm on something or someone so as to impede its value, usefulness or normal function. 
(b) To have a detrimental effect upon.

(a) The action of resisting an attack made on someone or something. 
(b) To protect from actual or potential harm or damage.

A person within close associative or geographical proximity to another person.

A person who damages or participates in damaging the rights of another person, outside of defended rights.  

(a) The power and right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. 
(b) The absence of subjection to domination.
(c) The state of not being subjected to a particular undesirable thing.
(d) Unrestricted use of something within one's ownership.

(a) The state of being free from oppressive restrictions imposed by supposed authority on a person's way of life, behavior, or political views.
(b) The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. 
(c) The power or scope to act as one pleases within the boundaries allowed by one's inalienable rights. 

Examples of When the People's Rights System Should be Used

  • Area Assistants organize an event or training that prepares people to defend each other's rights.
  • A trusted person organizes an event to help educate people on their rights.  (Area Assistants should be confident the event will promote correct principles.) 
  • Area Assistants organize an event that creates unity with neighbors in their Area.
  • A person needs support in defending their rights.

Examples of When the People's Right System Should NOT be Used

  • A person asks to send a political message out to promote a specific political or party's agenda and/or candidate.
  • A person or business wants to use the system to advertise or solicit services or products unrelated to the defense of rights to People in the Area.
  • A different organization desires to send messages out promoting their own organization or specific issue or agenda.
  • A political activist desires to send a message for people to do something that is not in direct defense of individual rights.
  • Any person desires to send a message that violates another person's rights. 

Examples of When the People's Rights Network Should be Activated

  • CPS agents take or try to take a child from his/her parents without consent or JUST due process of law.
  • A doctor or heath agent is trying to force a medical procedure upon a person without their consent. 
  • City officials take or try to take property without the consent of the owner.
  • A person(s) is threatening another person with imminent danger.
  • State Police shut down or are trying to shut down a private business.
  • A group of people are in the neighborhood and directly threatening a person(s) life or property

Examples of When the People's Rights Network Should NOT be Activated

  • Before the Area Assistants are confident that they understand the situation.
  • When just due process has been given.
  • When the person whose rights are being violated has asked others not to help (desire to defend themselves, or have chosen to allow the violations to occur).
  • For any political (or like) activity that does not directly defend or secure a person's individual rights.

Question & Answers about the Appropriate Ways to Use the People's Rights System

Q: As an Assistant, is it okay to share the People's information with other groups or to use the People's Rights System to promote another group's agenda?

A: Whatever is done, all the Area Assistants in the Area need to be okay with it. As an Area Assistant you have been charged with protecting the People's information. You are a gatekeeper to accessing personal information. ONLY Assistants should access or view the People's information, ONLY Assistants should use the People's Rights mass message systems, NO ONE ELSE! The People's Rights System should only be used for the purpose of uniting people to defend individual rights. That does not include trying to persuade politicians or bureaucrats to let us be free. Assistants should be actively engaged in assisting the People to get to know each other, communicate with each other, be prepared, and practically defend each other when needed. We are not leaders by definition, we are Assistants, we assist and help the people to lead themselves. Following the Articles (linked below) will help you and the other Assistants to help people in uniting and defending their rights. Please make sure whatever you do that the other Area Assistants in your Area are in agreement with it. 

PR Links:

Suggestions to What People in an Area Should be Doing:

What to Do When Someone Needs or Asks for Assistance in Defending Their Rights:

Q: I’m confused on the third point. I think a freedom related organization would be an organization that would help defend rights, so shouldn't we help them communicate? Could you clarify this point? 

A: Many freedom related organizations are designed to persuade the legislators or the bureaucrats (our current system) to do certain things. The People's Right’s System was not designed to persuade politicians or bureaucrats to allow the people to be free. Rights are not granted by politicians or bureaucrats, the People were born with the right to be free and need to unite with each other to defend that right. If the information going out is to assist people in the defense of their rights, then that is what the People’s Rights system was designed for.

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Well, People won't Unite, so, until then...

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Below is the Synopsis of events described by Mark, in the saga of the Property Tax / Tax Deed Issue in Bonner County Idaho.

People's Rights was designed to unite people in defense of God given rights. The people would not unite and so we must deal with the infringements of our rights until we do. The people up in that Area need to follow the steps laid out to start holding the bad actors personably accountable. It is not the end solution but it works for now.

 They should not try to camp out at someones house but get the NOD system in place so 10 people show up in 10 min and 100 in a 100 min and so on.

State Assistants

Synopsis of events and where we are at in the saga of the Property Tax / Tax Deed Issue

Jurisdiction(s): there are 3 jurisdictions defined as: Land ; Sea; Air. Each has a unique consideration in the Law.

The first is the jurisdiction of the Land. The land jurisdiction is the dry land below the top 6 inches of soil. Land jurisdiction is considered International because the land extends under the seabed to the shores of other dry land continents/nations. Closely associated yet different is the soil. The Soil jurisdiction is the top 6 inches of the land. The soil is considered National and this is where counties and states are described in the form of borders. With respect to the Law; the two, (Land and Soil) being so very closely linked come under The Supreme Law of the Land.

Sea jurisdiction is the watery world of Admiralty (military) and Maritime (contact). This is the world of Commerce. Our governmental service providers (Territorial and Municipal) are contracted to regulate commerce on the high seas and inland waterways (territorial) and provide contracted government services thru Federal employees and the post office.

The Air Jurisdiction is ecclesiastical in its nature. It is the jurisdiction of thoughts, ideas under ecclesiastical Law.

Status: I have corrected my Political Status to being that of an American State National, back to the land and soil jurisdiction state of my advent and nativity; as a Minnesotan. The so-called Certificate of Birth has been surrendered to the United States Department of the Treasury and the Secretary of Treasury and his successors have been named as the fiduciary of the ALL CAPS NAME, DECENANT/ESTATE.

As an American State National, I am exempt from all taxation as all taxes are considered pre-paid.
With respect to the Income Tax (State and Federal); I have revoked my election to pay the Tax by writing two letters; one the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service in Holtsville, New York and a second letter of revocation to the Commissioner of the IRS, in Washington DC. All sent by Registered Mail / Return Receipt.

Upon completing this letter writing to the two (internal Revenue Service and the IRS Commissioner) I no longer open their mail because all the mail is mis-addressed to the DEAD Entity, the ALL CAPS, that is not me the living man. Instead, I write across the face of the mail-piece in Red Ink: Unacceptable per 18 USC 1341 and 1342, Return To Sender

As for the Property Tax, it to is voluntary for American State Nationals. My decision not to pay the Property Tax began in 2017. Over the next 4 years, I rebutted Administratively, all the Mail that arrived from the Bonner County Inc. - Assessor’s Office and the Bonner County Inc. - Treasurer’s Office.

In June of 2021, a Tax Deed was issued by the Bonner County Treasurer’s Office and the Property was placed on the Tax Deed Auction for July 2021. I rebutted the Sale and two days before the Auction, the sale of my Property was removed from said Auction.

In retaliation for beating Bonner County Inc. the first time, the decision was made by the County to try again to steal my Property. An initial “Notice of Pending Issue of Tax Deed” was served onto myself in August, 2021 with personal service and in 6 Certified letters. All 7 documents were rebutted administratively.

Then on November 26, 2021, I discovered that a second Tax Deed had been recorded on November 22, 2021, with an Auction Sale scheduled for December 8, 2021. Again, I rebutted these proceedings.
However; on December 8, 2021 the Property was sold at Auction.

Again, we rebutted the proceedings administratively.

On December 20, 2021 the Sheriff posted an unsigned/unofficial, so-called, “NOTICE TO VACATE” upon the door frame of my dwelling. On December 21, 2021 the Sheriff served on my door step an offer to Contract with the Bonner County Inc., Treasurer’s Office by completing a Form W-9, which is to be completed by Federal Employees only. This contract was rejected by writing across the face diagonally, in Red Ink, I do not accept this offer to Contract, And; I do not consent to these Proceedings. By: autograph © Dated. Then returned to the Treasurer’s Office by Notary Presentment.

Following the posting of the unsigned/unofficial “NOTICE TO VACATE” 10 DAY window; we put together an Ex Parte Restraining Order and Protection Order and filed this into the Bonner County District Court on December 28, 2021. Following this court filing, we put together an Amended Ex Parte Restraining Order and Protection Order; And 4th and 5th Amendment Federal Jurisdictional Question on Real Property, No Due Process of Law, and filed this into the court case on December 30, 2021 and served all the the above paperwork, by private process service onto the purchasers of the so-called “Tax Deed” and onto the sheriff in his capacity of a living man.

Our paperwork proved that a so-called “Tax Deed” in only a ‘Security Interest’ in the property. There is no transfer of Owner-ship. And, the ‘Security Interest’ in enforceable in the District of Columbia, United States Inc., ONLY. We proved in our court filed paperwork that the Bonner County Commissioners are United States Officials for Bonner County Inc., District of Columbia, United States Inc. We proved in our court filed paperwork that the Bonner County Inc., Commissioners do not have the authority to Order that a Tax Deed can be issued. There can be no cross-claim or counter claim from the opposing parties. They must answer in the form of an Affidavit to all my claims filed with the court, in the form of an Affidavit and my claim are under the Article VI - Supremacy Clause of
The Constitution for the united States of America.

The gathering of Americans on December 31, 2021 was peaceful. There was no call to arms. In our Idaho Assembly, the term “militia” means - peacekeepers in the form of support and witness. There is; nor ever was any form of threat. Food support for the gathering was donated. And witness support was present in the event armed deputies from the Sheriff’s Department should arrive, which did not happen.

There was a false rumor spread by text-message that I am some sort of ‘sovereign citizen - which is false. The term “sovereign citizen” in an oxymoron, as it is impossible for such an entity to exist because, one cannot be sovereign and a citizen, at the same time. I was not arrested and in jail, Oh my gosh, blatantly false!! There was no armed “Militia” present, as falsely stated in the text-message.
I hope this synopsis of events helps to quell any falsehoods that were generated by that text message.

By: Mark©

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