Wood Stove, Fireplace & Gas Stove Bans - "They" essentially want us to freeze!

We already know they don't want us using electric. What else is there to do but freeze? "Good enough for me but not for thee" attitude by the elites once again.

This video is an excellent example of the scare tactics "they" use to coerce us into doing what "they" want to make it easier for them to control us & enslave us.

You can stop the video at time stamp 13:10 & save yourself 4 minutes of commercials.

Kathryn Vickerman

Area 8 State Assistant


Senate Rep. leadership press briefing, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) slammed the energy policy of the Biden Administration.

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10 minutes ago

Hopefully all the Biden gangstas will get their chance to sit in their cells with NO A/C or ceiling fans in summer & feel good about "doing their share" to save on energy/carbon foot print while they dine on fine cuisine of zee bugs.


At Tuesday's Senate Republican leadership press briefing, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) slammed the energy policy of the Biden Administration. 

Rules, when broken, that can send you to prison are no longer voted on by an elected body.

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Elected representatives are basically powerless at this point. Rules, when broken, that can send you to prison are no longer voted on by an elected body.

PROOF positive our elected officials do NOT know the difference between LEGISLATION & something conjured up on a whim.  "This is a test!  It is ONLY a test!  Do NOT attempt to adjust your TV!  (Instead - throw it in the trash!)

Yes . . .  this is a slippery slope & NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED &  DISOBEYED & we need to alert our elected representatives and officials of this tyrannical "rule"

Perfect example:  look at all the sheeple who donned a face diaper - even put it on their poor children & pets, stood 6' apart, went into lock down just because "Simon says".  That just opened  up Pandora's box for the rest of humanity. except for People's Rights members who had their Assistant send out an alert to educate the perp.  Yes . . . some were arrested & some of us have been arrested unjustly LOT.  (Ammon is just one but there are others but I believe Ammon holds the record as he is a shining example of a TRUE patriot.


Biden Admin Now Seeks To Ban Ceiling Fans To SAVE the Planet!

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Ceiling fans are the latest target of the green cultist living in the beltway!


Biden regime to ban gas generators then unleash GRID DOWN attack on America

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     Over the past two months, we’ve all seen the CIA-directed corporate media roll out stories claiming a power grid blackout is coming to America. Through predictive programming, they’ve already cast blame for this event on “right-wing extremists” whom the media has somehow concluded will attack power substations across the nation, plunging large regions of America […]                               

Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant

Missouri 8            


NOW he wants us to ROAST in the summer. Biden admin’s first climate pollution rule takes aim at refrigerants

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House passes bill to block Biden from banning gas stoves as Republicans push back against anti-fossil fuel policies

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ANTI “Green Agenda”

On Tuesday, June 13, lawmakers passed H.R. 1615, also known as the “Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act,” primarily sponsored by Republican Rep. Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota. The bill prohibits the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) from executing any kind of federal ban on gas stoves.


According to Politico, the bill passed by a 248-180 vote, with 29 Democrats crossing the aisle to support H.R. 1615, which also prevents the CPSC from spending taxpayer dollars to enforce any consumer safety standard that would effectively remove gas stoves from the market or significantly increase their prices.


“We know the motivation of the CPSC and throughout this entire administration is a green climate push,” Armstrong said. “The goal is to dictate how you live every aspect of your life – how you save and invest for the future by pushing ESG [environmental, social and governance] factors, how you drive by banning gas-powered cars, and now the goal is to control how you cook.”


House Majority Leader Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana echoed Armstrong’s sentiments in his own statement, arguing that the government is trying to tell Americans “what kind of stove you have to operate in your home” by forcing people to pick less efficient and costlier cooking options. “We’re pushing back against that,” he said.


Read more & view video:


WAR ON APPLIANCES: Energy Department announces NEW RULES for air conditioners and air cleaners.


NO ENERGY FOR YOU! SF Bay Area to phase out heating appliances powered by natural gas.


Yes, Biden really IS trying to ban gas stoves as federal agency moves closer to ending them altogether.


City of Eugene in Oregon bans natural gas hookups in new homes


SHOCK! The WEF is behind the ban on Gas Stoves | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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A discussion of pros/cons of alternate methods of cooking.  I feel confident that not ONE of these WEF psychopaths have abandoned using their gas stoves, fireplaces or what not because of it & photos of these psychopaths' gas stoves in their kitchens proves it.  These psychopaths expect us to use solar to cook our 'insects' while they sear their steaks on their gas stoves!   Insanity.


THIS Is How They Will Ban WOOD And GAS Stoves

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They will not allow any new installations in new construction and they will deny insurance policies for any current stove installations.

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