Your Silence Is Your Consent

If none of the following attachments (follow the link) amounts to a hindrance or impediment to our right to a free and fair election, then I don't know what does. 

If you've been paying attention, then you understand the significance of all of this. I've been writing about it for months and months. I've been writing to our elected officials about it for months and months as well. 

Every senator in the Unicameral knew about this. Attorney General Peterson knew. Secretary of State Evnen knew. And they all chose to deny you of your constitutional right to a free and fair election on May 10th. They let it happen. The only question now is, will you let them get away with it? If you do nothing and you are waiting for someone else to address this problem for you, then you have willingly surrendered your freedom. 

You get what you accept.

Ask your state senator to give you an explanation as to why any of this is okay. All oversight of our elections is internal. They are policing themselves and telling us to trust them. (Oh, and be careful what you say if you DON'T trust them.) Big Government and Big Tech have full control. "We the people" have been completely denied any external oversight. This IS the current state of things, and your silence is your consent.

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