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Event Oct 12, 2021
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Last night I received a call from another AA who 3 way called me to talk to a member of the "Affidavit Mamma's".   After speaking to her for a while and upon waking I feel that what they are doing was important to the People's Right's and what we do. 

I have decided to switch presenters for this night to Rose Spaulding. 

I can't wait to hear in full what we can do to help them as well as what their group has to bring to ours as well. This is the zoom link  password is PR

This is some info about them that you can check out anytime:


On youtube: affidavit mommas

Facebook at affidavit mommas

Telegram Arizona Original Audit Action Group QT3pxT7bwyNzAx

This their email

Dave Jose on youtube @Davecaresforyou

These principals that these people are teaching we found to be as what we are in accordance with ours. I will send these for you to decide!

Josh Barnett on youtube Josh Barnett for US Congress

Also he has a web page he is running for US Congress in district 6.

Web page Josh Barnett for US congress.

I hope that you will join us tonight to learn more about this group. Invite those who would be interested in this as well.

I feel they have a lot of the same principals as what Randy Kelton has taught us with but with more help to get to the affidavits and filing.

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