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Today there was estimated around 700 people present today at the Boise State Capitol for #StoptheMandate Rally.
We hope there will be many more People on Monday, July 19th 4:00pm
at St.Lukes Meridan.
I hope you all will seriously consider doing a walk out on Monday.
A 1 Day Walk Out is a great way to drive the point home.
It’s not like going on strike for a week, but if many Employees from all areas of Employment do this in a Unified manner it will send a very Clear Message.A proactive measure for those who are not yet facing this Mandate with their Employer while supporting the ones who are..
At this time, the employees have the upper hand right now with the shortages.Take Advantage of that Opportunity!
If you are a Hospital employee,
Patient's will NOT be without care.
Just like one of the speakers said today, managers would be forced to step up & provide the bedside care. It’s only 1 shift! One day. One 24 hour shift. One 12 hour day shift & one 12 hour night shift.
Please seriously pray about it or contemplate it. It’s worth taking the Risk.If they are going to fire people anyway for not taking the shot, whats to lose?
It may actually SAVE your job if it works and LIVES ! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
This falls on the PEOPLE, the EMPLOYEES...we cannot depend on laws, exemptions, etc to save us.
The People must be willing to defend themselves!

We find limited hope in the legislature coming back into session whatsoever. If they do, our Senate & Executive branch are so corrupt, NOTHING will change.They have proven this time & time again. What Ammon said in his video today is exactly right.

Please take a Listen !

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