October Camp out

Event Sep 10, 2021
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October camp out is almost here

I hope that you have marked your calendar for a week of absolute fun for you and your kids

October 2th to 8th

We will be coming in on Saturday and setting up. Usually everyone feeds themselves on that night. Every morning, lunch you eat at your own tent and evenings bring a potluck dish to share. Please bring your own eating plates and utinsils.

 Wednesday we will be having fall festival Chili, cornbread, cook off. That could be a fall desert as well. That same evening we will have family game night. We will divide into groups to compete. If you are in my group we will win cuz I will cheat, twist or change rules just to win. OK kidding!

You will need to bring what water you will need and a bathroom set up as this is a disperse camping site.  We will be the only ones there.  Plenty of places away from camp to bury poo buckets.  Sometimes we get a few willing people to dig a big hole so that you don't have to dig every night only to find you found someone else's hole. we keep it tightly covered with plywood to keep animals and flies out.

On Thursday night we will have skit night. This is always fun and people come up with some of the cutest skits.  It could be that you want to sing, dance or tell a clean joke. We enjoy all!

Every day starting either Monday or Tuesday we will have classes and hope you are willing to teach one that you know and want to share. We usually have 3 to 4 classes a day. The kids are welcome to teach also. It helps to build confidence. We have had kids classes on pine tea, 20 uses for a shovel, how to make dish washing more fun etc. Please if you have a topic that you would like to learn let me know because one of us Sheepdogs have probably taught it before and are willing to teach again.

To sign into the wiki site use this link  use sheepdog for name and password or I just use roxie roxie. It's important to close out the site when you are finished so others can login. All the info is there but I will leave the directions here also:

From Payson: turn right to Heber on the 260. Continue on the 260 thru Showlow, Lakeside, Pinetop, McNary and then turn right at the Holly Lake Rd. Follow it about 10 miles till you see an American Flag at the beginning of the road we will be down close to the lake. I have a 14x26 kitchen tent with a white tarp on top. It will probably have sides and ends on it to keep the weather out but that is us.  Hope to see you. This is a new location due to excessive rain which has muddied our other spot.  

I bring my granddaughter and 2 nieces because this is pure fun for the kids. They have an absolute blast.

If you have any more questions please call Roxie at 602-689-1353

Oh we bring tents but we have people who bring trailers, campers, Rv's and people who make unique set ups on their trucks. You will see many unique setups and ideas that you can work on for the next camp out which wont be until March break. Which is cold but fun. 

We hope to see you ALL there.

We welcome people who want to make a day of it or want to stay in the Bison hotels at night. Your choice!

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