WARNING! Fed Now Wants To TRACK & Trace YOU! • GET READY! • Economic Collapse

It's doubtful "economic collapse" will happen immediately but Fed Now HAS been advertising it's CBDC & HAS upped it's IMPLEMENTATION DATE FROM 2024 TO 2023 so we really need to get motivated & motivate others in fighting this thing.

Go To "The Global Walkout", join it & begin implementing the steps & suggestions laid out for everyone.  There is a different step every Sunday evening posted on their web site.  The Global Walkout began September 1, 2022 but you can easily catch up on the steps as they'll remain posted for everyone who begins at a later date.

Just as Texas Boys said, Fed Now advertises their CBDC as if it's all for convenience but their agenda is for THEIR convenience & YOUR/OUR enslavement.  Don't be fooled.  Read between the lines.  When they speak of something good, it does NOT apply to you.  Do they EVER speak of how convenient things will be for you or us?  NO!  That's why they omit that part.  They plan to use the same model the CCP does for their social credit system.  Injections erroneously called 'vaccines' will be mandated as well as the so-called 'boosters'.  Rounded up.  Herded like cattle.  "Stack you, pack you, track you" is their plan.  

May 2023 is just around the corner.  We have LESS than 5 months to turn this around.  Begin implementing The Global Walkout steps.  Form relationships with your friends/neighbors.  Make allies & support each other in your community.  Follow the instructions in the list provided by Corey's Digs on how to free your mind.  Free yourself from mind control as well as TOTAL control.

Your life will be a nightmare.  Under Fed Now, if you want to take a trip, they will freeze your money so you cannot purchase gas or tickets (whatever the case may be) if THEY do not feel you should go.  If you want to purchase a product THEY do not feel you should have, they will NOT approve the purchase.  "Good for ME but not for THEE" is their motto.  If you 'disobey' they will put a yellow QR code on your Smart Phone so you cannot go outside "your area".  (If you lose your job for being absent, so sad, too bad.)   If they put a red QR code on your Smart Phone, it's "off to a quarantine camp".  Your life then becomes a living nightmare.

I urge you to learn from the information being provided to everyone NOW to do your part in defending what's left of our freedoms but also to help REGAIN some of the ones we've already lost.  

I know it's going to require READING time as well as time viewing some videos.  This is an investment in your future.  The choice is yours but will affect not only YOU but EVERYONE so it's imperative WE ALL STAND TOGETHER!  This is a REAL LIFE lesson in how helping those around you helps YOU.   We were not put on this earth for our own benefit but for the benefit of those around us.  When we help our brothers & sisters, we're investing in ourselves.  It comes BACK to us in so many different ways.

What price Freedom?  How far will we to go to defend our liberty and that of others who wish to live FREE? How much do we really care about living in a Republic?  WE CAN DO THIS!

Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant Area 8

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