FWP Commission Modifies Wolf Proposal Contrary to "Legislative Intent"

Info Jun 27, 2021
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     Below is an email sent by Rep. Paul C. Fielder of Thompson Falls regarding the Wolf portion of the FWP Commission June 24th agenda.  Attached I have Rep. Fielders' further comments, the Wolf Management Plan and Population Data, and the Wolf Proposal.  Once again Special Interest Environmental Groups ("SIEG") have made their voice louder than the hunters, trappers, and agricultural community whom benefit from the legislative INTENT of HB224, HB225, and SB 314; to REDUCE WOLF POPULATIOMS.  Interested parties have until July 26 to comment on the proposal and to move the Commission to adopt the original intent of these bills.      

Hello FWP Commissioner KC Walsh,

I am concerned that many of the recommendations from some FWP staff
regarding the wolf portion of the Commission June 24th agenda do not
meet the LEGISLATIVE INTENT of HB224, HB225, and SB 314.

The Commission meeting info says that testimony will be limited to

As sponsor of HB224 and 225 and knowing Senator Brown’s SB314 very
well – I want to offer some detailed comments for your consideration
with respect to legislative intent of those bills.

I have talked with Director Worsech and Governor Gianforte about my
concerns but I do not know what the final version of FWP
recommendations will look like as a result of those conversation and I
want you to understand my concerns.

My concerns and comments are attached. I have also attached the
17-page background info document (prepared by FWP staff) related to
the wolf portion of the agenda and the Montana Wolf Mgt Plan which I

The intent of HB224, HB225 and SB314 is to reduce the wolf population
in western Montana (regions 1, 2 & 3) where 90% of the wolves occur.

Thank you for your considerations and please feel free to contact me
if you wish.


Representative Paul C Fielder, HD-13

Thompson Falls

406 210-5943

fielder-comment-2021-6-27.pdf (113 KB)wolf-mgt-plan-and-population-data.pdf (214 KB)wolf-proposal-final-posted-06082021.pdf (974 KB)

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