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It's time to STAND UP!!

Regardless of your residence, you are welcome to attend!

Tuesday 12 Oct--   
PLEASE come and bring everyone you know in Weber County to this,
Special Weber County Commission Meeting with Weber County Patriots 3p-4:30pm. 2380 Washington Blvd, Ogden (large meeting room to the left after the double door entrance).

The 3 commissioners have taken away our right to address them at regular meetings, along with ignore our requests for call back. They even had 2 sheriff's escort a woman out who was simply holding a sign 'Why are you censoring us?' during a recent meeting.  Last week, they cut the livestream on both facebook and Youtube. 
Contact June Reese ( for more details and we want to PACK THE HOUSE for this meeting. If you don’t want to speak, no problem - -but come support the effort. Davis, would be helpful to have numbers so we'd love to have your presence.

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Weber Cty Ordinance to Restrict 'Expressive Activity' AKA Freedom Of Speech

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Last Tuesday's Regular County Commission meeting included the deputy district attorney Christoper Crockett's reading of the new proposed ordinance to Restrict Expressive Activity (aka Freedom of Speech) watch for 10 minutes starting at minute 35.

They used to let public take 3 minutes to address anything.

Then it could be only whatever was on the agenda.

Now they don't want you speaking at all.  

They are our public servants, not the other way around.  Call / email / and show up Tuesday's at 10 am to remind them of their oaths of office to defend the Constitution and to remind them who put them there.  

Contact info here:

Other things to ask them - why are there no minutes available since early June? (it's starting to improve but a lot of holes)

Please note the website says you can watch meetings Live. This has not been possible for the last 2 weeks.  


Watch the Redress of Grievances Meeting recording here

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Your are invited to Join with Weber County Patriots every Thursday at 6 pm 3755 Washington Blvd Ogden to discuss current events and actions patriots can take to assist our local community! Contact June Reese at

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