The Elites Attack on Montana

Info Jan 26, 2022
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How many new Hollywood tv series have been filmed out of Montana in the past 5 years?

Why was the senate race between bullock and Daines the second most heavily funded political campaign in the country in a state with only 1.2 million people. Bullocks campaign out funded Daines by large proportions. Or how about Democrat senator Jon Tester being the second largest recipient of lobbyists funds in congress in 2018? Primarily from environmental lobbyist, teacher union lobbyist and abortion lobbyist? Why? Why are coastal elites and New York City liberals obsessed with Montana?  Why do liberal editors like New York Times constantly talk about Montana and Montana towns like Livingston?  Why is Hollywood suddenly making tons of tv shows based out of Montana and purposely mentioning the names of small towns, areas,  and mountains in them? Yellowstone, Big sky, 1886 amongst others. Why are they building permanent Hollywood film sets in paradise valley? Why does there seem to be a new left wing environmental organization popping up out of nowhere every few weeks?  Why is every new attempted resource extraction project sued and attacked by these left wing environmental organizations? Why are there billboards promoting their agenda popping up everywhere along highways? Who’s funding them? Follow the money.

I believe a lot of what is going on is premeditated and planned.

The elites and New York liberals have destroyed their own cities and areas by their own socialist policies. Now they have their eyes set on your town. Your community. Your family. Your land. And your culture. What they are doing in Montana is exactly what they did in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, and other areas. Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho are the last free mountainous states.  Those three states have large areas in the globalist UN agenda 21’s wildlife corridor plan.  The people of these lands live spread out and free. The powers that be do not want that. That is why urbanization and population density is promoted. Industry’s that offer rural jobs and make small towns prosper which allow people To still spread out and preserve their culture and Liberty pose a threat to the elites. Mining, logging, oil drilling, farming, ranching and resource extraction are all industry’s that help small towns thrive and offer opportunities for average people to live and raise families in small communities.  The industries that the elites promote are tourism, tech jobs and service sector jobs. Tourism is an industry that goes along well with real estate. If you have millions of tourist bombard an area due to indirect or direct mass media advertising (not a coincidence).. naturally there will be a real estate boom. The workers in the tourism industry are generally paid much less than those that work in let’s say mining for example. Tourist towns become nothing more than a Mecca of second homes for the rich. They Price out families which forces them to relocate or move into the high population density ghettos. Tourist towns bring in temp workers from out of state or out of country. And also bring remote tech workers connected to silicone valley. In the end the culture of that once nice community is changed and flipped in favor of the elites. 

The conclusion I have come to is that the great Republic of Montana. It’s community’s. It’s culture. And in the end the Liberty that flows downstream of the culture is Under Attack from Many fronts.

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