Recap of Area 5 meeting on 8-31-2021

Info Sep 7, 2021
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Re-cap: 8/31/21 Area 5 meeting


We had an Awesome meeting, a lot of shared experiences with the current issues. Networking with each other to figure out how best to deal with the Mandates being forced on us in Washington.


We are seeing a great deal of support growing in our Group. Thank you everyone, for giving of yourself to others, so that we all can be strengthened.


We had more New ones to the meeting. Welcome! People from Mesa, Kennewick, and South Richland. We enjoyed and appreciate your encouraging support.


We discussed knowing the current Mandates. Please take a few minutes to look up and consider the Mask and Vaccine mandates, so that you know exactly what they are, and can prepare to defend your choice on these subjects. We have attached them to this article for your convenience. We have also attached a template prepared by an attorney for religious vaccine exemptions.


We discussed writing to the Speakers of the house and Senate majority Leaders, Telling them to put together a Legislative Session to remove the Governor’s Emergency Powers and to stop these mandates.


KrisAnne Hall Constitutional Education:

     We learned: our founding fathers didn't come up with the Constitution on their own. They used history to find what has worked, to create a Constitution that stand the test of time. They used history to prevent us from repeating the same crimes against humanity.

     King John (1199ad) was stealing money from the people with over burdensome taxation.  "Robin Hood wasn't stealing from the rich to give to the poor. He was stealing the people’s money back from the King and returning it to the People!" King John was keeping the people happy by trickling just enough Stuff down to the people.  Sound familiar? 


     KrisAnne Hall asked a question? 

           "If you don't know what your Rights are, how will you know that they are gone?"

     1st Amendment has 5 Liberties, what are they?


What a Joy it is, to be part of group of people that love each other enough to strengthen each other, to become friends with each other and support each other in defending our Constitutional Rights.


For those asking about purchasing the People’s Rights shirts, here is the link  We will place an order to be delivered to distribute at the next meeting to save on shipping. Text Andy at 5095316713 to get on that order.


All are welcome to join us at every meeting! 


20-25-15-covid-19-washington-ready.pdf (196 KB)21-14-1-covid-19-vax-washington-amendment.pdf (268 KB)secretary-of-health-order-20-03-statewide-face-coverings.pdf (238 KB)vaccine-exemtion-letter.doc (26 KB)

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