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Marlene Moore was at our last Trader’s Market and Potluck and graciously offered to help People’s Rights to get some FREE hands-on emergency situation training.  The one caveat is she is asking us to do the on-line portion through the FEMA website FIRST.  

I was able to talk with her a bit at the potluck and then a week later on the phone and I really appreciate her commitment to helping her neighbors to be ready to take care of themselves and their own families should there be an actual SHTF.  I hope you had a chance to get to know her at the potluck as well.  She handed out her business card to several members and I hope everyone moved forward with emailing her their questions and concerns.  THE GOAL IS TO TRAIN TO STAY OUT OF FEMA CAMPS.  If we know what they know and we can avoid them we will be greatly better off.

I know to most FEMA is a bad word, but they do have these systems already in place to help train the public and it is the same training that most fire departments use and other first responders.  The FEMA portion is just the computer work.  Once we have taken the on-line portion with reading material, videos, and tests you will get a certificate.  Once you have a certificate we can let Marlene know we are ready for her and her friends to do an IN-PERSON practice of what we have learned in Marsing park on a weekend. We have been waiting for someone in our group to ‘re-invent the wheel’ and it is causing us to drag our feet.  It is my belief we should take Marlene up on her offer to help.

If you do not want to use the FEMA portion for the on-line please get with Marlene yourself and get the 8 basic pillars of the training.  I am sure if you want to find a reputable alternative she would be fine with that.  There are first aid/CPR classes pretty much everywhere…. but most of them have a fee.  I am told many fire departments will hold a class to teach basic fire extinguisher use.  There are other community centers that could possibly provide the other training we need.  However, piecing it together yourself could cause a cost and cause delays as you wait for the provider’s schedule to get to the topic you need.

Anyway, I am attaching Marlene’s info and some links she sent me.  Please look into this and let me know either way if you plan to participate.  I am also available if you have any questions or concerns.  Maggie (916) 862-4475.

Marlene Moore at:

-Area Assistants

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