Robert Jones was arrested Thursday after his trial concluded for Disturbing the Peace. Read Below.

Hello Neighbors,

Yesterday our good friend and fellow Area 9 Assistant had his court trial for protesting out front of the Central District Health Boardsman, Luciando's home for keeping the public restricted from attending open public health meetings in 2020-21. He was intimidated by the court and what was a charge for one person, was changed charging him adding in the entire neighborhood of witnesses against Robert. The Judge sentenced Robert to 180days with 4 days served. That's 6 Months he is sentenced to serve for a Constitutional protest on public property. A major infringement of the 1st Amendment. He is at the Ada County Jailhouse until time is served. I am shocked and appalled at this liberal tyrant judge who is making peaceful protesting (over forcing masks and lockdowns) punishable by half a year in jail! Robert Jones was given 6 months in jail by a evil 😈👹😈 judge over a 12 minute protest on a public sidewalk!

This is in IDAHO! 😱😡😱😡😤😡😡

Good morning this is Melanie, Robert's wife. I'm going to post the address and Robert's jail ID I would love to flood the jail with letters for Robert. I personally am having the kids write letters and I am writing a letter everyday to him so he knows he is loved. He needs everyone's support. He has never been away from his babies for more then a couple days. This will be hard but he needs to know that we are there for him and tht no matter what God's will will be done and we will prevail. This time will only make all of us stronger. I will need emotional support. At times I may need help with my 3 little ones for I am the one working. Please pray for me as I have a lot of different things to do before winter and I just want prayers for my family and strength to get through this. I may not answer slot of things because I do work 50 hrs a week and I home school plus I am teaching 2 classes a week for a co op. I am not meaning to be rude if I don't answer is just I have very little time for me. Below this post will be the information for Robert let's start writing

Robert Jones jail ID 01103027
7210 Barrister
Boise ID 83704

UPDATE 9/16:
This is Melanie. I was able to talk to Robert today. He said that they put him in a holding cell last night because he refused to do a TB test. I'm not sure if they made him do it was unsure but he is waiting to go in to the pod when I got off the phone he said that would be the last time I would talk to him because he doesn't want to waste money and feed the system. Please write letters also we need people to call because they are not giving him Bible . He really needs one for this will help him thru this time. Thank you all for all of your prayers.

So.... People's Rights-
"How do you support Robert Jones and the Joneses?

September 16, 2022 9:58am
This message is sent to *all* neighbors in Idaho, due to the overwhelming response I am already receiving, You ask, "how can I help?!"
You can communicate directly with Melanie Jones on telegram. 

Join your PR area telegram group by contacting your area assistant to be added.

Sometimes he says he doesn't want stuff, but he needs to know that we love him. Lots of books letters food that's not the jail food."
And I, Lori, thank you to every one of you who is being called to step up and lend a hand. Many hands make light work, and its very heartening for the network to function like it was envisioned, where we all pitch in for each other, sharing our burdens and our lives, fortunes and sacred honor to protect and defend our Liberty.
Even if you aren't saved by Jesus, you must feel the tug at your heart, your soul, your conscience that Robert's rights are YOUR rights. That's why you are HERE, in this network!
When his, or my rights are usurped, or even when YOUR ENEMIES rights are usurped, YOURS are as well. This is for ALL of our rights. That's why you joined this network. Now thank you for not just spectating. And for not just TALKING about it, but by BEING about it. :)
in Liberty and Justice for All,
Lori - State Assistants"

I'm starting up a "Free Robert Now!" Telegram group! Please join if you want to protect First Amendment rights in Idaho and stop the unconstitutional of prosecution of political prisoner, patriot, and peaceful family man: Robert Jones.


*Donate Here to help support his Family:Wife & children



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