CALL TO ACTION! Sabatini Files Bill that Will "End Covid Tyranny" in Florida

By Chris Nelson. September 8, 2021. 

A bill was filed today in the Florida House of Representatives that will ban all forms of forced masking and forced or coerced Covid vaccinations. The bill, HB 75, was introduced by Rep Anthony Sabatini. It will tie the hands of leftist School Boards and local Governments from coercing or forcing masks and Covid Shots on students or citizens.    That means parents of students attending public schools will have the freedom to choose whether their child wears a mask or takes the Covid vaccine, and it will be enshrined in Florida Law. 

The bill will also prevent nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, insurance adjusters and everyone in between from being forced to take the Covid shot or lose their jobs, like in the case of Memorial and Mercy Hospitals. The bill will also close a loophole in SB2006, the Vaccine Passport Ban, that allows for businesses to require a negative Covid test in lieu of a Vaccine Passport, like in the case of Norwegian Cruise Lines and more recently the Broward Center and the Arsht Center (Read: The bill will also prevent Democrat Election Supervisors from using vaccination status to rig the 2022 Election (Read:   

The next step for HB 75 will be to go before a House Committee next month. Right now, each Republican legislature must be asked where they stand on HB 75! CALL AND EMAIL THEM TODAY!

Here is a full list of all GOP legislators: I know it is a lot. Pick 10 Reps to call per day! If they give you a response PLEASE put it in the comments! Do not let up! NOW IS THE SPRINT TO THE FINISH LINE IF WE WANT TO SAVE OUR STATE FROM DESTRUCTION! We can do it!! The Lord is with us!!

Pressure should be put on ALL Republicans, House Speaker Chris Sprowls, Senate President Wilton Simpson, and Governor DeSantis to support this bill. Democrats are practically a lost cause so do not waste your breath on them. HB 75 is a STRONG bill. Since it is a Civil Rights bill, it will carry the same enforcement mechanisms as racial and gender discrimination. Those who break this law will be subject to large fines and lawsuits. The lawlessness of the Covid Hustlers has been on full display these past two months, but civil rights lawsuits are NOT something they want! Anthony Sabatini checked in to answer some questions. Watch here:

This is our path to secure Freedom in the State of Florida. If this bill makes it to Governor DeSantis' desk he is almost 100% certain to sign it into Law. The only thing standing in our way are RINOs in the State Legislature. They must know clearly that they will be PRIMARIED and VOTED OUT if they try to block this bill. Call each and every one of them to see where they stand and if they will co-sponsor the bill! Read the full bill here:

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