Baby Cyrus Trafficked By CPS: Stew Peters Show - Idaho LT. Governor In Live Interview!

Cyrus' family was wrongfully stripped of Due Process. This story is one of TOO many involving CPS 'legally' kidnapping children. This is not protection of a child. It's overreaching "authority". Parents are denied their inalienable right to decide what's best for their son.

Video:  Stew Peters Show Broadcast:

I believe this was posted by Cyrus' maternal grandfather:

With child trafficking at epidemic levels, we cannot be complicit about this.    

Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant Area 8


Will They Kill to Silence - Is this Really about Defamation? Ammon Bundy 19.6K subscribers

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Damming evidence that Idaho CPS, Meridian Police and St. Luke's Hospital wrongfully took a baby and will stop at nothing to silence.  Link to $52 Million, No Wonder. They Lied to the Jury:    • $52 Million! No Wonder! They Lied to ...


God told me to stay and fight in Idaho!

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Ammon says he believes Divine guidance is instructing him to remain in Idaho & fight for his business, home & family.  All I can add to that is I am a firm believer in prayer & unmistakable Divine results.  The man has not faltered through all this evil & that only comes through faith, prayer & obedience.  The battle Ammon has been fighting has not been for him but Baby Cyrus, his family, you, me, the people in Idaho & everyone with precious children going through the same evil that need a voice.  Like Esther, Ammon was born for such a time as this.  He has such a heart for others & Spiritual strength not found in most people.


CPS Did it Again: Idaho State Kidnaps Baby Cyrus + 2 more frivolous cases in Fla. NEEDS TO STOP! = =

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Another perspective from an alternate party

Idaho State Kidnaps Baby Cyrus//CPS has long been known for removing children from their parents sometimes without any real reason.  Families are traumatized everyday by CPS actions.  Here is another story of CPS medically kidnapping a baby whose parents tried to get him help. 

In this case a baby was medically kidnapped because he had a reaction while being transitioned from breast milk to solid food & the pediatrician had CPS take custody of the toddler because they said the mother refused a B-12 shot for the toddler (which the mother denies).

The parents had a second child & CPS took custody of the new born under pretenses because THEY were not notified (since WHEN do parents have to notify CPS of birth of a baby?!



Liberty is dying in Idaho!

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These Boys Didn't Deserve This!

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When the sheriff’s deputies arrested me at my son's football fundraising banquet it was the boys that were hurt, and now their football program is short of funds for the year. If you can make a donation today it would help turn a bad situation into a good one! THANK YOU! Go to:


Ammon Bundy's followers gather outside Gem County Jail following arrest

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Although Ammon could have been arrested any number of places in the past month in his community, the dark side, for maximum media effect & vulgar display of abuse of power, chose to wait for a community gathering involving Ammon's son.  This reeks same as the night Baby Cyrus was wrongfully taken from the arms of his terrified mother in what looked like a parking lot with a large number of small army of police vehicles as if the peace loving Andersons were hardened criminals - maximum effect - lots of drama - actors on a stage.

My fellow members, this is ALL our problem and anyone with children is a potential victim & goes a LOT further than what meets the eye & whoever stands up to defend their family unit & rights - for them - is like swimming in quicksand.  What a sickening feeling that must be for the parents but worst of all - for the precious children who'll have the traumatic event burned into their memory forever.  

I call on any of you that believe in the power of prayer to pray against this evil and for Ammon, his family & People's Rights.  This isn't an act of "protecting" a healthy baby from uncaring parents.  It's a battle of good against evil.  The innocent family is the enemy's weapon of choice as their family is life itself to them.

Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant

Missouri 8


$52 Million! No Wonder! They Lied to the Jury!

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Lies that have been uncovered so far.  The old proverbial "tip of the ice berg"?  The "lion's share" of the $52 million, from everything I've seen/listened to so far, appears to be so called punitive damages for the ones causing ALL the damages.  How much would Ammon receive in punitive damages for these lies?  I'm certain Ammon had help with this rebuttal but - GREAT WORK anyway to Ammon & praises to the "unseen hand" above to whom deserves all praises & glory for this victory.  

For whatever is hidden shall be revealed, and whatever is secret shall be known and come to light.  Luke 8:17 (HalleluYah Scriptures)

Kathryn Vickerman

Missouri 8 State Assistant


Ammon Bundy Update from Bryan Hyde - Perspective, wisdom & logic from a 3rd party

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This man is correct about the blood thirsty-ness for those who stand up for freedom & limited government as I've had communications from what looks like a troll letting me know they have my name & something to the effect of adding ME to Ammon & Diego's lawsuit & suing me, too!   Ho hum!  This is an age old tactic attempting to discouraging anyone who'll take a stand & speak out.  I recognize the source.   Discouragement is one of Satan's most effective weapons. THERE'S your source & I don't belong to him.  Our Source tells us to PRAY for our enemies.

Ammon Bundy Interview with Bryan Hyde

In this interview Ammon & Bryan mention that this fight is EVERYONE's fight & how CORRECT they are - same as everything we've gone through so far with the scamdemic and now facing the Fed Now, WEF, the CBDC's, fraudulent elections, the pandemic treaty with the WHO, ETC.  It's EVERY ONE's problem.  No one is going to save us.  The "Noncompliance ship" has sailed.  Things are dramatically different now.  We're "looking down the barrel of a different gun" this time .  No flesh & blood person voted into office is going to 'fix' things especially using fraudulent voting machines.  We the People are going to have to fasten our seat belts & get ready for the roughest ride of our lives & some of us have had it WAY worse than most of us could imagine.  The time has come for each of us to be the brave individuals for our People's Rights brothers & sisters that we'd want them to be for us.    

We've seen the videos & experienced what happens sometimes when we do take a stand & not back down.  How many of us would be willing to go to jail in defense of our brother or sister or their children?  What if you needed one of us to take a stand for your family?  Or provide for the family of a People's Rights brother or sister in times of turmoil.  I'm not saying it will happen.  We don't KNOW what lies ahead of us.  We've seen the wickedness of those in public office supposed to help but act against us without conscience - adding to our suffering for monetary incentive.  Everything is all about what these globalists can get - at any cost to us.    We're not struggling against flesh & blood but wickedness, demons & dark forces "in high places" (our government is one) but our schools, even churches - corrupt medical establishment - every direction to which we turn.  Our most precious of all - our children.  We must be strong.  We must be the change which our children need to see in the world.  We're very blessed for those brave individuals we are honored to have as fellow P.R. members and Im certain many more that just haven't had their moment to "shine" as yet.  For those we are grateful as well.  Every one has a valuable gift to share that will come to light at the precise moment.  Heartfelt prayer is one of the greatest.  Let's pray for each other as well as our enemies.  Yes.  The problem belongs to us but we're supposed to be serving the One with The Answer.


Evidence that CPS Agents, Meridian Police & St Lukes Staff are Lying about why they took Baby Cyrus

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View documentation provided by Ammon and YOU decide if allegations by CPS tyrants are justified:


Proof that St Luke's Boise Hospital Performs Sex Changes on Children (It's relevant . . . take a listen)

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St. Luke's Children's Hospital webpage is still advertising minor hormone therapy and sex change surgeries. This video gives proof.  Here is a link to one of St. Lukes Hospital pages advertising transgender surgeries and hormone therapy for minors: Idaho passed a law that made both minor hormone therapy and child sex change surgeries illegal. However, that Idaho law does not go into effect until 2024. I guess all the children until then are sacrificial lambs to St. Lukes Hospital Executives.


USA Today Exposes Florida Doctor Medically Kidnapping Children and Destroying Lives

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One really doesn't need to read the article.  Just more of the same old, same old.  Same song, different  tune.  Same drama, scare tactics, families traumatized & destroyed, children scarred for life etc.  WORSE than divorce.  Takes a real special person to fiill THOSE shoes.  "Doctor" ("First do no harm").  Like trying to move a sand hill with a pitchfork.  Their victims probably outnumber the mosquitos on the Florida beaches.  

So grievous but, in spite of the ones who never make it back home, there ARE some 'happy' endings in spite of the emotional scars, and those are the ones we rejoice in but we must keep these case histories "out there" for the ones we long to rejoin with their grieving families.  Praise God for the success stories and pray TO Him for the ones unaccounted for.

At least this family was reunited and Baby Cyrus was surrendered back to his family the fastest I've ever heard of or seen.  There were a LOT of people praying for that baby and we need to pray daily for all the children kidnapped that never make the news.  The media is an excellent ally for the dark forces but prayer is even greater & THAT's something we can all do DAILY for "these little ones".

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

USA Today reporter Daphne Chen has just published an article on Dr. Sally Smith, a pediatrician who is the head of the child protection team in Pinellas County, Florida.

Published in the “Torn Apart” section of, this article is reportedly the first in a series investigating Florida’s child welfare system.

Chen refers to Dr. Sally Smith as:

the 61-year-old pediatrician [who] is one of the most powerful figures in the child welfare system along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

As the head of the Pinellas County child protection team, Smith examines virtually every child funneled to All Children’s Hospital with suspicious injuries.

Among prosecutors, her word is like gold.

The USA Today Network reportedly investigated hundreds of Dr. Smith’s cases, and:

found more than a dozen instances where charges were dropped, parents were acquitted or caregivers had credible claims of innocence yet suffered irredeemable damage to their lives and reputations.

See phoyos & read entire article here:


4 Reasons I Have Not Defended Myself in the Court

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Streamed live on Jul 26, 2023                  

                                        I am surprised that so many believe that the remedy for these types of things will be found in the courts. Let me explain at this point what it would take for me to get this case to the US Supreme Court. First, I would have to appeal to the Idaho Appellate court, that would take me at least two years, most likely three just to be heard. Litigation in this court would take another couple years. Meanwhile, St. Lukes would be burying me with legal papers created by their team of $600 per hour attorneys. I of course would have to respond to every document they filed or the case would be compromised. Responding to St. Lukes litigation would be impossible unless I hire a team of attorneys also. The average cost for a decent attorney in Idaho is $250-$350 per hour. It would take at least 3 attorneys from what I am being told. An assistant could be utilized but only for certain things. Even at that it would be hard to read and respond to all the legal documents that the St. Luke's team would be throwing at us. We know this from what they have done in the past. To top that off, I would most certainly lose in the Idaho Appellate court. The same people that make up the Ada County court also make up the Appellate court. Most of the judges come from the Ada County court and live and associate in Ada County.  After the loss in the Idaho Appellate, I could then appeal to the U.S. District Court. This court I have already appealed to and they rejected the case and awarded St. Lukes over $18,000 in legal fees as punishment to me for filing in their court. Remember the US District Court of Idaho are all judges from Idaho and it is still the Idaho Good Old Boys that influence that court even though it is a US court. Therefore, It would also take several years (paying that team of attorneys) to get through this district court and in the end it would most certainly be a loss.  Then onto the US 9th Circuit court. By this time I would most likely be absolutely destitute and my young children would be leaving the home with only a few memories of me not working on the legal case against St. Lukes. I may however find some traction in the 9th Circuit court, but it is a crap shoot and would also take several years of responding to St. Lukes law fare. Tens of thousands of documents during each litigation. St. Lukes has endless funds to pay lawyers for the simple purpose of creating documents that I must respond to. Finally, after 8-10 years of this intense litigation I may make it to the U.S. Supreme Courts. The litigation in the US Supreme court would be less and I actually believe I might win (if the justices have not changed by then). But, in reality I would have already lost. I would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thousands and thousands of hours of family and work time and most likely everything I own anyway just to pay for it all. You see, with our legal system, the process is the punishment, even if you win.  I estimate that at a minimum it would take $700,000 and 10,000 hours to litigate this case to the US Supreme court, that is a minimum figure. It could take upwards to $2.5 million because of the mountains of legal responses that would be required due to St. Luke's team of attorneys. For St. Lukes to dump $3-5 million into attorneys is nothing. They run on a multi-billion dollar annual budget. The U.S. legal system is not about justice but about who has the most money to spend on attorneys and litigation. My attorney fees in the Oregon and Nevada cases was $534,000. I was forced to fight then and it is by the grace of God that we are not in prison still. Yes, I could raise some money for legal expenses but my experience it that people would slowly stop caring about this case in less than a years and the rest of the financial burden would be mine to carry, Also, I have never been good at raising money,  It is hard to ask people for money when it seem as if it is for myself. So you can see that there is no win appealing to the courts. I have seen wins in other more practical ways but it takes courage, fortitude and God's favor to prevail. I intend on simply living and demanding that I am left alone. If not, I will defend myself and call on others to help.  Click here for more information on this matter:

Link to video:

This man truly has the patience of Job, the courage of David battling Goliath, the wisdom of Solomon & the love of our Savior for the members of His little flock.

He needs the most precious thing one can give another, the one thing that can cast a mountain into the sea, raise people from the dead, make time stand still & bring forth waters from a rock - prayer.  It IS the most precious gift one can give another.  Let's truly & sincerely lift Ammon, Diego, Baby Cyrus & their families up in heart felt prayer.


Government Subsidized Child Trafficking - the true nature of CPS (Child Protective Services

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Video:   THIS VIDEO BY DIEGO, CYRUS' GRANDFATHER, IS STELLAR - all the way to the very end which he shares some critical information about actions on this case but also on what we can do on a personal level do to dismantle this evil, unchecked network with no apparent boundaries so watch it to the very end.  Overwhelming evidence presented so far proves what happened in this case can & DOES happen to ANYONE & our children & families are at risk with little to no recourse through the courts or law enforcement to protect our Constitutional rights.

Here is the CPS Data from the Children’s Bureau:

Here is the actual ASFA law:

Here is Social Security Title IV, Part E:

These Little Ones Documentary:

There is a seemingly ever increasing, never ending amount of documentation on the epidemic of our most precious gifts from our creator & the very ones supposed to be in place to protect them, are the perpetrators - even in the highest positions in this cabal government of ours.  From the evidence I've discovered, it is a global epidemic mostly because the ones supposed to be protecting are aiding, abetting & protecting these unconscionable individuals. 


New Video Evidence Proves that Baby Cyrus was a

May 23, 2023 May 23, 2023 Permalink (Alt)

Kidnapped by Child Protective Services: The Shocking Case of Baby Cyrus (The Epoch Times)

May 22, 2023 May 22, 2023 Permalink (Alt)

This broadcast has information previously omitted but Josh Philips does an excellent job diving deeper with the interview.


Ammon Bundy Standoff 2.0? Full Interview

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Perfect example of why attorneys are called "Liars For Hire",  

I saw most of this all along the way keeping up with this.  It was Difficult watching the distraught mother begging such evil individuals for help to protect her baby when THEY are the perps!  HEARTWRENCHING!

Ammon was truly chosen for such a time as this.  I've personally witnessed a change in demeanor in law 'enforcement:" when a witness or witnesses happened on the scene.  THAT says a LOT. 

IMPORTANT THING FOR NOW IS CYRUS IS IN THE LOVING ARMS OF HIS LOVING FAMILY & a valuable lesson was learned.  Maybe God has a lesson for all the perps.  We should all pray for Ammon & his family as well as this nation & everyone in it 

Isn't it odd that all this happened during the campaign?  Doesn't that ring a bell?  Brave individuals like Ammon have personally blazed a righteous trail standing up to tyranny.  How does that scripture go?  "No weapon formed against us shall stand?" 

will continue to so the rest of us can truly know true freedom as it should be once again.


Judge Lynn Norton Just Intentionally Broke the Law, Proving That She is Biased & Malicious & Unfit to Preside Over Our Case

May 16, 2023 May 16, 2023 Permalink (Alt)

April 18th, 2023 | by Diego Rodriguez

Today, Judge Lynn Norton, issued a warrant of attachment for the arrest of Ammon Bundy. It is hard to explain just how unbelievably wicked of an action this is. But first let me just demonstrate to you how Judge Norton’s actions today were wholly illegal and demonstrate that she is acting with malice against Ammon and is disobeying the Idaho rules of Civil Procedure—the rules that directly and specifically GOVERN her. 

Read entire article Here:


St. Luke’s hospital is suing me. Why I'm not participating in the court process. Hosp CEO makes 8.2 milion $

May 15, 2023 May 15, 2023 Permalink (Alt)

Ammon Bundy responds to St. Luke’s lawsuit seeking damages, says he sold Emmett home

May 15, 2023 May 15, 2023 Permalink (Alt)

Read more at:


Update from grandfather, Diego Rodriguez

Mar 31, 2022 Mar 31, 2022 Permalink (Alt)

Neighbors United & People's Rights Washington, [3/21/2022 9:46 AM]
[ Photo ]
Baby Cyrus is home!

Unfortunately, the fight is not over. Levi and Marissa only have Cyrus with them because they agreed to a measure of state oversight and intrusion. Meaning, CPS has to go with them to all appointments and have unlimited access to “pop in” on Levi and Marissa unannounced and all that. If they decide they don’t like any little thing, they can kidnap him again. But the most important thing is that Cyrus is with Marissa and Levi NOW. His health and wellbeing depend on it!

for now, let’s just celebrate together and give God thanks!

Diego Rodriguez
Freedom Man Press


Breaking: Baby Cyrus Released From State – “He Is Very Sick & Weak” From “Health Damage Done Upon Him By State Of Idaho” Tim Brown / March 18, 2022

Mar 18, 2022 Mar 18, 2022 Permalink (Alt)

A report from the American Militia Freedom Forces confirms that the tyrants in the state of Idaho have released Baby Cyrus back into the hands of his mother and father, Levi and Marissa Anderson.

Here’s the update from Captain Karl Koenigs.


1. The AMFF just received word, from one of our Operators at the FOO (Field Of Operations) that BABY CYRUS has just been released from the State.

 2. BABY CYRUS is very weak due to Mother Marissa not being allowed, by the State, to breast feed him.

 3. We are trying to get details regarding all these matters now. Seeing as how we have undercover Troops on sight, we will likely get direct information more quickly than any other source. 

4. Our AMFF Holy Man is going over now, hopefully to Bless Cyrus in hopes of his recovery from the hideous actions and despotism by the State that caused him to not be able to sit up or crawl. 

5. Will keep you all informed 

6. The most heinous Capital Felony INSURRECTIONISTS and TREASONOUS Criminals must still be brought to Justice, or all of these activities ACROSS EVERY STATE OF THE UNION, will continue against Parents, their Babies and their Children. JUSTICE MUST BE STILL SERVED in pursuance of Constitutional LAW and ORDER UPON ALL OF OUR SERVANTS. ESPECIALLY THE TYRANTS IN IDAHO! 

7. The Andersons STILL NEED YOUR PRAYERS for BABY CYRUS to recover from his health DAMAGE

The AMFF have said that their agenda is to hold every single person involved with this kidnapping accountable and bring them to justice.

Please keep the family, especially Cyrus in your prayers as he is very weak and sick from the abuse and neglect of the state.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media



Tim Brown


         Tim Brown is an author and Editor at,, and  He is husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows", jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. .  Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, MeWe, Spreely, Mumbl It and Steemit     

Kathryn Vickerman

Area 8 State Assistant

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