Massive protests worldwide against vaccine tyranny - From Canada To Washington & Belgium! Video below

The government will never give you back your freedom, you have to take it. Freedom isn’t something you hold in your hands. You are the freedom or you’re not – so decide that for yourself.

                               Massive protests worldwide against vaccine tyranny

Remember - protesting alone won't work.  We must show our strength, numbers & unity.  Never before have these psychopaths seen such blow back from the people but, be mindful 'they' are not going to just walk away and give up the ground they've gained with their fake virus, poisonous jabs which they've erroneously labeled "vaccines" which they've used to create the financial crisis.  UNITE.  DO NOT COMPLY.  The government will never give us back our freedom.  We MUST TAKE it. This is history repeating itself.

Cash-only Friday is a VERY effective way to show our strength & that we ARE the RESISTANT!  Mark your calendars every FRIDAY is CASH-ONLY Friday.

Kathryn Vickerman

Area 8 State Assistant

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