Chinese Schools Treating Children Like Livestock (Notice the QR codes - like merchandise - embellished on the front of their clothes)

This was heart breaking to see even less than 1/2 a minute.  I want to rescue every one of them.  There has GOT to be some sort of law against this & something that can be done.  WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!  They just stand by & allow this?!

I saw a video recently of a man taking his small daughter in for the jab.  Did not say where it occurred but it was some place oriental as the captions looked sort of like Chinese or Japanese or such.  The little girl was crying.  Her daddy towered over her.  They were in a line of people waiting to get their toxic dose.  The little girl's dad brusquely lifted her by her arms & brought her feet to the floor with a quickness & the little girl cried even harder.  The man picked this tiny angel up & threw her across the room.  As he went to retrieve his precious child, the people standing in line didn't flinch or act as if anything was out of the ordinary.  THIS WORLD IS REALLY IN TROUBLE IF THIS IS ACCEPTABLE TREATMENT OF AN INNOCENT CHILD - OR ANYONE.

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