Provider Decides in NC

Parental consent not required for vaccination in NC

Some of you were wondering about NC’s laws regarding parental consent. Please pay special attention if your child attends public school. This was sent to me by an NC attorney via email:

I had spoken with Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson's office about the fact that our state (Health and Human Services) will allow the schools to vaccinate children,  without parental consent. His office confirmed that and said that it was for kids 14 and older. When I asked them where that came from, they did not know. Turns out, NC is one of 5 states that have a policy called, "mature minor doctrine" which allows the "provider" (death-shot giver) to determine any child at any age whether they are mature enough to understand what this "provider" says. NC has a lot of bad actors, and has some very bad laws for a red state. We must change this:

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