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Hello Neighbors,

In light of recent announcements by Idaho's local Hospitals and Medical Facilities sending letters out to All Employees pertaining to Mandatory Covid vaccinations by September, some locations demanding early as August. We are sharing some helpful TOOLS for not Only Medical Employees or Personnel but for Anyone who has a Job. 

These can be useful for Any/ALL Employment,Businesses,Schooling,Patient's and Children/Guardians. You are welcome to  revise these Documents to fit your personal preferences and needs. Infact, we encourage you to Make it Your Own! Take what you like and leave the rest. Please share with Family, Friends and especially your Neighbors who are facing this tyranny,soon to be encroaching on our Rights to Body Autonomy and Informed Consent. Hope these can help someone who needs them. We suggest that you have these Documents Notarized with Acknowledgment Letter, stamped and signed. If you have difficulty printing these, email Alicia 

and what you are inquiring about and be sure to leave a return email to send documents. Blessings you all !

IDAHO Area 11 Assistants 

*Medical/ Philosophical Document- 


*Religious Exemptions for both Adult & Child to be used by Parent's/Guardian


No means NO! 

If employees would say NO and force the hospitals to fire them or choose not to make it an issue, then the matter resolves correctly. Employee/employer relations must be a free market relationship just like a customer/business relationship. If the government meddles in that then they mess it all up. This issue must be resolved between the employee and the employer. If there is a breach of contract, then the parties (if one wishes) can litigate in civil court and try to resolve it that way. But in no way does the government have a place in forcing either the employer or the employee to accept something either one of them is not willing to accept.

In the meantime, document all of your communication with your employer. Request transparency, ask them for the data they have that has convinced them to require the vaccine. Ask your employer if they will be liable if you have an adverse reaction to the vaccine. Do not quit your job! If you are uncomfortable with a medical procedure, you have the right be informed before you consent. They are banking on you complying. Just say NO!



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