BREAKING NEWS! Catholic Church banned, wealth seized by new law after Pope admits genocide; Occupations begin soon

Diplomats, indigenous groups seek expulsion of Vatican from UN: “Disestablishing the Catholic Church is a legal and moral obligation on humanity under the Law of Nations” . “If the UN does not apply the rule of international law to that Church as a proven genocidal regime, then there is no such law, & the UN is not only obsolete but an accomplice. in Vatican crimes.”

PRAISE BE TO GOD!  IT'S ABOUT TIME!  This is really saying something with all the wealth & power of the Vatican.   Now, if we could just get the CPS et. al., cartel subjected to something like this, the world will be a BETTER place.  

For full information & 8 minute video, go to:

Also see:  Breaking News, July 25-26: Pope, Trudeau, Chinese publicly accused, charged with crimes in Canada 

Let's all be the world we want to see

Kathryn Vickerman

Area 8 State Assistant

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