Oregon Voter Lawsuit document attached

Download the attached lawsuit and note the next 2 meeting dates, Dec. 1st and 15th

Info Nov 22, 2022
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Thanks to all who participated in the PR Thanksgiving dinner last week. As promised attached is the Lawsuit mentioned at the Potluck.  Here is a quote from page 5

"...happening in the Oregon and across the United States is mass voter disenfranchisement on an
unprecedented scale at the hands of the government. It we do not have free and fair
elections, the citizens have lost control of our country to the agents of division and
fraud who are believed by millions to be actively working to suppress the free and fair
expression of the citizen vote."

Thanks to Marc Thielman; Ben Edtl; Janice Dysinger; Don Powers; Sandra Nelson;
Chuck Wiese; Loretta Johnson; Terry Noonkester; Steve Corderio; Jeanine Wenning; 
Diane Rich; Pam Lewis; Senator Dennis Linthicum

Remember the last two meetings of the year are Dec 1st and Christmas Potluck Dec 15th

111722-thielman-etc-vs-fagan-etc-complaint.pdf (1 MB)

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