It is Time to END Covid Tyranny in Florida Once and For All!

It is Time to END Covid Tyranny in Florida Once and For All!

Committee Weeks are here! Our State Representatives and Senators are back in Tallahassee to consider which bills they will bring to the house for a vote. We had some excellent news recently with the appointment of Dr. Joseph Ladapo, one of America's Frontline Doctors to be Florida's new Top Medical Official. With this we can expect much positive change. We will finally have a new Speaker of the House but NOT UNTIL NOVEMBER OF NEXT YEAR! That is why we MUST keep the pressure on Speaker Chris Sprowls to call an EMERGENCY SESSION OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE TO BAN FORCED MASKING AND FORCED VACCINATIONS! Your efforts have been working! KEEP IT UP!

The time has come to make sure two VERY important pieces of legislation which are now before the Pandemics and Public Emergencies Committee make it through. Both were introduced by Rep. Anthony Sabatini. The first is HB 75: Limiting Covid-19 Restrictions, which will ban all forms of forced or coerced Masking or Vaccinations in the State of Florida. This includes forced masking of school children and coerced vaccinations as a condition of employment. (Read about it here: The second bill is HB 6009: Vaccinations During Public Health Emergencies. This will remove language from Florida statute that allows the Public Health Officer to forcibly vaccinate citizens. Right now they can literally come to your home and hold you down and stick the jab in your arm if they see fit. (Read here:

We now know who sits on this committee. It is run by Republicans, but unfortunately, many of these are Corporatist RINO Republicans who do whatever their big donors like Disney tell them to do. If these bills are killed in committee, they will NOT go for a vote in the State House. These Reps need to know that if they attempt to block these pieces of legislation their political career in the State of Florida will be OVER. Here they are. Start calling and emailing IMMEDIATELY. I have only listed Republicans because the Democrats are largely a lost cause. Remember they are in Tallahassee right now! Their staff read every single email and listen to every single message they get! Let's keep up the pressure!

House Speaker:

Chris Sprowls (R-Palm Harbor)

Phone: (727) 793-2810


Committee Chair:

Daniel Perez (R-Miami)

Phone: (850) 717-5116

Vice Chair:

Michael Caruso (R-Delray Beach)

Phone: 561-750-2396


Melanie Bell (R-Ft. Meade)

Phone: 863-285-1101


Cord Byrd (R-Neptune Beach)

Phone: 904-242-3495


Linda Chaney (R-St Pete Beach)

Phone: 727-341-7385


Jason Fischer (R-Jacksonville)

Phone: 904-359-2653


Mike Giallombardo (R-Cape Coral)

Phone: 239-772-1291


Amber Mariano (R-Hudson)

Phone: (727) 861-4806


Jim Mooney. Jr (R-Islamorado)

Phone: (850) 717-5120


John Snyder (R-Stuart)

Phone: (772) 545-3481


Dana Trabulsy (R-Ft. Pierce)

Phone: (772) 595-1391


Ardian Zika (R-Land-O-Lakes)

Phone: (813) 929-1001


In Freedom,

Chris Nelson

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