The case for the Republic of Montana’s Independence from the union.

Info Jan 21, 2022
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It is no doubt that the “United” States of America is and has been the global empire for the last century.  It is also to be noted that all empires throughout history eventually fall. The United States is of no exception. Excessive authoritarianism. Cultural degeneration. The lack of work ethic. Entitlement bread from temporary economic privileges as a result of domination over other countries and territories.  Economic decay. Currency manipulation. These are some of the traits that are not uncommon in a dying empire.

The continual uptick in political divisiveness and unrest is not a result of merely just actions by politicians and presidents. It’s the result of 200 years in the making. It’s the result of the nature of government and its insatiable need for power and the inevitable nature of a “do-gooder politician” promising his voter base of “have nots”  lavish welfare at the expense of the “haves” in the democratic order.

You see there is a major issue with a large centralized federal government. The lands currently considered as the United States is comprised of approximately 330 million people. All 330 million of those individuals are unique in their own way and prescribe to different cultures and belief systems that ultimately result in determining what satisfies their preferred system of governance and representation.  The urban New Yorker is in no way going to be satisfied with the same form of governance or representation as a rural Montanan would be satisfied with.  So why than shall the New Yorker and the Montanan be subject to the same government? Yes both states have their own local governments that are supposed to satisfy the representation of those that live near it. But it would be foolish to say that the actions of the federal government do not effect us in any way or the other. The federal government steals Montanans incomes. If a father has a farm and he hands it to his children the federal government punishes the children with an inheritance tax which many times over forces the heirs to sell the indispensable land beneath their feet in order to pay the disgusting tax. It controls Montanas waterways and even puts good men in prison for digging ponds on their own land. It devalues working Montanans hard earned savings through its deficit spending to fund it’s fat bureaucracy and welfare programs to appease it’s ever expanding base of mostly urban welfare voters.  It strangles Montanas ranchers through its regulatory red tape of the meat processing industry resulting in the consolidation and de-facto monopolization of the industry to only a few large corporate plants. It wages wars in far places under the crusade for global democratization that in no way should concern the local Montanan. It allows New Yorkers to have a say in wether or not Montanans are able to enact certain laws wether it be protecting babies from abortion or enacting stronger voting laws that protect the elections from fraud and abuse. The string of abuses listed above is just the tip of the iceberg.

The words “State” and “Nation” are synonymous. A State is a Nation and a Nation is a State. The State is the sovereign within its territorial lines. That is why the hegemony of States is Called “The United States of America”. The Sovereign States on the continental land mass of America in union with each other.   

The solution to quell the political divisiveness and unrest is impossible at the federal level neither a new president or a new federal law will fix the years culmination of issues at hand. It is like placing a bandaid on a severed artery. Ask yourself this. Has a large centralized government ever reformed and fixed itself? I would say no. The power must be vested by the States themselves. Montana must be able to exercise its right as a Sovereign Nation to exclude the New Yorker from having the ability to have a say in how Montanans are governed and Vice versa.  

Would the resolution not be to accept our differences and have a peaceful divorce in which we go our separate ways to live how we so choose without worrying how someone of different culture and beliefs thousands of miles away is going to effect our lives?

As the declaration of American independence says..”governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed,”.

Do you consent to the governance of a New Yorker?

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