What is Causing Animals To Walk In Circles? [VIDEO]

Sheep, cattle, birds, fish circling, crocodiles refusing to leave the river banks - apparently many forms of life acting or reacting strangely to an unseen phenomena. Even people seem to see some unknown entitiy, then circling & flailing their arms as if fighting off some invisible attacker then falling & spasming uncontrollably. This is not uncommon with methods of mind control which these psychopaths are notorious for using. This is the first possible proof I've seen. View video & you decide.

This particular video has demonstration how to detect with a Smart phone or i-Phone who's been jabbed by frequencies given off by the nanotechnology in the shot.   Check out the insects all circling around a cell phone laying on a table.

This information is "old hat" to the NWO psychopaths & probably pales in comparison to what they're keeping from us.

Check out the part of the video where the guy is driving down the road with an RF frequency counter.  The readings are all either staggering or off the charts & especially so when the guy drives by a cell tower - it's too high to measure but exceeds what's needed to fry our brains & cause biological damage.  How much of this is irreversible, if at all?

All this is probably just one reason why Corey Diggs instructs us to stop using Smart Phones.

Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant Area 8

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