Join Healthcare Workers Protesting Vaccine Mandates

Is it hypocritical to support healthcare professionals at the Idaho Capitol building and believe that employee and employers should work out their problems without the government?

Let’s think about it for a minute. There are multiple principles in play here. 

1. A person providing a jobs has a right to choose who will work for them and who will not. They have a right to higher and fire. In other words, working for someone else is a privilege not a right. 

2. Each man or woman has a choice to work for someone or not. They can decide not to work for that employer anytime they wish. 

If either party gets the government to force one or the other then someone’s rights will be violated.

With that being said, as soon as the hospital owners took public money for their private business then they can no longer claim they are private. They are held to a different standard, a public employer standard. This opens them up to being regulated by the public/government. Also, If the employer is in violation of an employee contract then recourse could be met there as well. 

Now, if employees want to stick together and withhold labor if certain conditions are not met, then they have every right to do that. Many times in history employees have done this successfully and improved their working conditions.

However, if an employer went to the legislature and tired to get them to pass a law that would force employees to work at their place of business it would be unconstitutional and wrong. Just like if a employee tried to get the legislature to pass a law forcing the employer to higher or keep them employed.

I think it is terrible and wrong that Idaho hospitals owners are requiring their employees to take a shot that could be harmful. I believe it is each employees right to choose what they put into their bodies. I also know that the hospitals owners have taken hundreds of millions of dollars in public money to line their pockets and therefore cannot claim they are private owners.

This is what I believe should be done in this case. 

FIRST-The governments should stop funding the hospitals in anyway! The hospitals should pull up their big boy pants and function on their own like other real private business have to. This would make them value their employees much much more. They would actually have to take care of their employees to stay afloat rather than getting bailed out by the government every time they make a mistake. 

SECOND-The employees of these lousy  hospitals owners should get together and go on strike. Together refuse to work for them unless certain conditions are met.

If this would happen then both the employers and the employees would have to satisfy each others needs and rights and this situation would be resolved. 

However, if you make new laws one way or the other it will only empower the government and will damage the delicate balance of freedom between a employer and a employee.

The new governor coming in should defund the private business and allow the free market to thrive. This will creat better jobs, higher pay and happier employment on both sides of the desk. 


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