Off Grid w/Doug & Stacy: "Tractor Supply Sponsoring ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Show? You wont believe what TRACTOR SUPPLY did! I'm not shopping there anymore."

Lots of customers are wondering why Tractor Supply sponsored a “family friendly” drag show in Waco, Texas. Owners of Tractor Supply are radical "WOKE" leftists supporting the LGBTQ farmers.

Several videos validating this information:

Youtuber goes off on Tractor Supply. Sponsored Trans dance at school!

Let your dollars speak for you.  Support local businesses that support your values.

Kathryn Vickerman

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The Tractor Supply Homestead Channel Fights - An American Homestead

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He's got the right idea!  THAT'S how it's done People's Rights way!  We're ALL product loyal to one store or brand or another but, rightfully, we should vote with our wallet.  Actually, it's in Scripture for us to avoid such people &, when there's repentence, there should also be forgiveness.  In the meantime, it'll be a rough row to hoe.

Kathryn Vickerman

Area Assistant

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(THIS IS NOT SUITABLE TO BE VIEWED BY CHILDREN) Why is Tractor Supply silent? Video Proof of.....

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View his video to see who else is "on board"with all this.  I know all family-oriented People's Rights members are concerned about this wave of perversion not only swirling around this great nation of ours but welcomed with open arms by our Public School System.   I read about a community that was so concerned about the corruption allowed in our public schools that they collectively hired a tutor to teach their children for the parents who were unable to be at home to home school.  What a wonderful idea for a community to come together for such a positive change in the life of our children.

Just remember we vote with our wallets & HAVE the power!  We can stop "feeding the "beast" anytime we want.  Our lives are the result of the choices we've made & we have control over the path we choose to take.

Kathryn Vickerman

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THE WHOLE COMMUNITY! Homesteaders and Preppers * Please listen

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Doug offers wisdom in his videos.  Maybe without even realizing it he offers wisdom of Scripture - the importance of not "adding to or taking away from".  There's power of life & death in the tongue. This could go a step further "ACTIONS speak louder than words."  A person's actions can actually SCREAM who they are when their words are contrary.  Sad this is where we are today that obscenity is welcomed with open arms in our churches, our communities and our government when, collectively, they should be helping us protect them & set godly examples for them.  TV, the black mirror, has been a lost cause from the onset.  Just more proof positive this is a SPIRITUAL battle - one to be fought on our knees.  Get out your knee pads if you haven't already - maybe even get a spare pair for this go round.

People's Rights blessings be upon you, your homes & your families.

Kathryn Vickerman

State Assistant

Area 8


Why I wont shop Tractor Supply... The Sunday Brief

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Why I wont shop Tractor Supply... The Sunday Brief

Dec 4, 2022 Dec 4, 2022 Permalink (Alt)

"I am so sorry"

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Thanks everyone for your love and support stay vigilant - stay focused - remember the lessons from the scriptures always be willing to communicate and stand for what you know is right

This 'event' is a prime example how things can get blown out of  proportion with "he said, she said".  At least it's vetted now  & we can all go forward with the knowledge we've gained.

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