Suggestions to What People in an Area Should be Doing

Suggestions to what People in an Area Should be Doing

People's Rights is a network of neighbors united to defend each other's rights. These rights include life, liberty, and property, so naturally the people in an Area should be meeting and working together to secure these rights. Here are some suggestions in how best to organize as neighbors using the People's Rights tools and network.

People's Rights Definitions 

People's Rights
See; People's Rights Network
 (not a hierarchy; not a controlled top down organization)   

People's Rights System
The communication systems, tools, procedures, and standards that have been created to unify people; accessible or promoted through

People's Right Network
A network of people connected together by the People's Rights System.

A group of people living within a defined geographical area committed to assisting each other in defense of their rights.

Area Assistant
(a) A person living in an Area who has access to see the contact info of all the people in the Area, and ability to send messages using the People Rights System.
(b) One of 3-5 people living in the Area who bears the responsibility to assist others in the Area in uniting with each other in the defense of their rights.
(c) A person who has certain administrative permissions in the People's Rights System.

State Assistant
(a) A person living in an Area within a state that assists the Area Assistants in their responsibilities.
(b) A person who has access to see the contact information of all people in the Areas within the state, and ability to send messages using the People Rights System.
(c) a person who has certain administrative permissions in the People's Rights System.

NOD System (Neighbor Organized Defense)
A system of defense organized, implemented and staffed by the neighbors in an Area.

10 by 10 Response
A response plan where at least TEN neighbors respond in 10 minutes,100 neighbors respond in 100 minutes, 1000 neighbors respond in 1000 min and so on.

TEN (Ten Engaged Neighbors) 
A group of ten or more people in an area who promise and are able to respond in physical defense (if necessary) within 10 minutes.

SOUND Team (Small Organized Units of Neighbors in Defense): 

Autonomous teams of 2-12 able body men and women working together to physically defend the people in that Area. 

PSS Plan (People Supporting SOUND): 

A plan implemented in the Area to support the SOUND teams with supplies, gear, family support (in times of active defense) and other reasonable needs that each member of the SOUND teams requires to practically defend the people in the Area. 

The life, liberty or property of a person.

(a) The action of resisting an attack made on someone or something.
(b) to protect from harm or damage.

A person in close association with another person (not necessarily geographical).

(a) To inflict physical harm on something so as to impart its value, usefulness or no normal function.
(b) to have a detrimental effect on.

A person who damages or participates in damaging the rights of another person, outside of defense.

Ways to Identify If Your Area is Healthy

  • There are 3-5 active Area Assistants communicating with and supporting the people in the Area. 
  • The Area Assistants are meeting with each other at least once a month.
  • The Area Assistants and the People in the Area are meeting together at least monthly.
    • Social
    • Trainings
    • Planning
    • Education 
  • Messages are going out to the People through the People's Rights System at least weekly.
    • Email 
    • Text 
    • Ham Radio Net
    • Secure Messaging
    • Newsroom Articles 
  • The amount of People in the Area is growing and meeting attendance is increasing. 
  • The Area has no more than 1000 People in it (think small church, not mega church).
  • The People in the Area are working to secure their rights in the following ways: 
    • Establishing good communication with each other.
    • Putting into place a NOD system. (Neighbor Organized Defense)
    • Equipping themselves with tools needed to communicate, survive and defend.
    • Actively informing other neighbors of how to join the People's Rights network.

    NOD System

    (Neighbor Organized Defense)

Each Area must develop a NOD System which will include ALL of these elements:

  • 10 by 10 Response Plan anywhere in the Area. The Area Assistants should make a plan and commit as many People in the Area to respond quickly to defend a neighbor.  The objective is for at least 10 People to show up at the needed location within 10 minutes, 100 People in 100 minutes, 1000 People in 1000 minutes and so on... (Neighboring Areas can be called on if needed) (10 by 10 Response should only be used to secure a person(s) rights.)
  • Written agreements from TEN or more people in an Area, promising, that for a specified time, they will physically respond in defense with-in 10 minutes from being notified. Referred to as "THE TEN" (Ten Engaged Neighbors). 
  • Several Autonomous 2-12 man SOUND teams (Small Organized Units of Neighbors in Defense). Each Area should have multiple SOUND teams when possible. Within the team, each person should be communicating, training, preparing, equipping and working closely with the other team members to build a relationship of trust with each person on the SOUND team. SOUND teams are autonomous and are not subordinate to anybody but themselves as a team. They should have established ways to receive information from the Area Assistants and be ready to act in physical defense of the people in that Area at any time. SOUND teams may or may not be part of the 10 by 10 response.
  • PSS Plan (People Supporting SOUND)
    • SOUND Team Support, Supplies & Equipment. - It is the responsibility of each SOUND team member to obtain his/her own gear. However, if an individual on a SOUND team does not have the means to obtain all of his/her needed gear then the People in the Area should within reason help provide that gear. Area Assists should be active in making sure the SOUND Teams have the reasonable gear and equipment needed to physically defend the People in the Area. 
    • SOUND Team Family Support & Supplies (in times of active defense). - When an individual of the SOUND Team is actively defending the People in the Area and cannot reasonably provide for himself or his family, then the other People in the Area SHOULD provide and care for his family and property. Area Assists are responsible for communicating with the families and knowing of their needs during SOUND Team active defense.      

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