Get ready for Financial Rebellion with Catherine Austin Fitts and transition from "Cash Friday" to "Cash Everyday". Video(s) attached.

If the WEF doesn't want us transacting business a certain distance from our home, we can't and if they don't want us buying certain items or services, we won't be able to.  Mr Global here states the central bank will have absolute control over the use of that expression of Central Bank and that they will have the technology to enforce it in real time.  (He can stop us from transacting using rules that he says.) 

Cash Friday (…and every day!)

Therefore, we're moving on to "Cash Everyday".  Catherine says the Cash Fridays has been "really, really going & very successful".  (That's probably why the WEF has their panties in a wad - IT IS EFFECTIVE AND IT DOES WORK!)  

Don't miss this very informative 5 min video:

Some independent mercants i.e. farmer's markets, flea markets, local merchants are beginning to welcome cash & even giving incentives for us to use it.  Also bartering is coming back from "back in the day".  Bartering credit unions & banks are not new and have been successful.  Here is a link to a bartering credit union I'm familiar with:
and a bartering bank:

Kathryn Vickerman
State Assistant Area 8

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