Prineville Meeting Friday Aug 5

Event Jul 31, 2022
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Meeting Friday, Aug 5th at Ochoco Creek Park Pavillion at 6:30 pm.  Halfway between the pool and Castle Park.  6:30 pm.  Bring your radios as we have an Amazing couple, coming from Bend, to show us how to use them. We will start at 6:30. Bring chairs if you can. If not there are picnic benches.  Please bring plenty of Water as it may still be HOT, thankfully not as bad as this past week.  We will actually practice using the radios, we will have handouts on how to get a GMRS license and we will be mapping the area so that we can begin Sunday night net calls here in Crook County and see who can speak to whom.  Once we know this info, we can figure out a relay for emergencies.  We do have a repeater and a location, just need some logistics worked out.

Please plan to be at the Park Friday!

Please also be VOCAL to our city and county commissioners and councilors.  It appears they will be sending the Measure 109 Psilocybin Mushroom Initiative to November's ballot, but we have a few people who think, despite OHA having NO GUIDANCE written up yet, that this is a good program.  Please email or call and let them know that you want Crook County and Prineville City to vote to send it to the November ballot to be banned permanently.  A temporary ban would expire and could not be reissued, so if the program isn't what the people want, it becomes harder to stop.  Only a permanent ban will allow the city/county to make a decision at a later date, of their choosing, if data shows this is a good program. Patricia Jungman mentioned that in Europe it has been showing signs of being great for PTSD, Depression, etc and it has been safe, with only 2 deaths so far.  That sounds great, but with NO guidance from OHA at this point for a program to begin Jan 1, 2023, let's encourage the county and city to refer to voters and we will decide at a later date when there is more American data.  Not doing anything, means it will just begin on Jan 1, 2023, even without guidance.  For those concerned that it did pass Oregon with 55% of the vote, Crook County voted it down at 65.5% against it.  For more info check out:

Liz Batterson, Area Assistant

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