Childhood Development Protection Act

5 Alarm Alert: Stop today's students from becoming tomorrows tyrants: Widespread Public Indoctrination in Schools and the Legislative answers to combat it.

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Child Abuse, Exploitation and Indoctrination are the purposes of 'our' Public Education system today.

Long gone are the days of traditional education to empower the individual and enable them with the tools to become independent and productive members of society. Today’s educators are largely predatorial, who see easy prey in the young developing minds of children. Every totalitarian regime targets the next generation to both obtain and maintain political power for decades to come. Now, that most public sector and teachers’ unions have become infiltrated by Marxist revolutionaries with deep ties to the Democrat Party, they are full speed ahead in corrupting and altering the naturally developing minds of children and young adults. To hell with real education such as actual physical sciences, mathematics, biology, history, language, and civics. Today’s curriculum is packed with state sponsored propaganda and psychological warfare. Kids are being trained like dogs to obey authority and not question its legitimacy. The lesson taught:  Shut up, obey government no matter what, because government is superior to the individual. Critical thinking takes a back seat to Political Correctness or in realty, (censorship).

The most recent example of this ridiculous masquerade is where kids were forced to wear harmful and ineffective masks regardless of their effectiveness or potential harm caused by wearing them all day. Aside from children being practically immune to this highly propagandized Covid (Cold) virus: the masks were useless in protecting anyone from it. Moreover, they are a direct infringement on individual liberty and childhood development. To add insult to injury, The masks actually had a negative effect on their health.  Scientific evidence confirms this.   After this, they are subjected to an experimental global inoculation campaign, to which they’re not even being fully informed of the harmful effects or long-term consequences.  Additionally, they are being inoculated against something they have nearly a 100% chance of surviving if they become infected. In coordination with this assault on them, students are being tracked and traced like prisoners under the guise that they may have encountered someone that the school says is unsafe. Regardless of being asymptomatic, students are then deemed to be dangerous public health hazards and forced into unnecessary quarantine where they suffer isolation and psychological trauma. All of this is done without any due process or medical proof. Is this more behavioral training or perhaps something far worse? Try getting someone to talk about this in any level of government and you’ll get stonewalled. The good news is that more and more doctors and other professionals are stepping up and speaking out.  However, we need a whole lot more to be courageous and do so as well.

Preceding all of this, students were subjected to Marxist Revolutionary Propaganda in the name of fighting racism and standing up for social justice. These are two narratives paraded around by the Democrat Party and several go-along to get-long Republicans. Together with their foot soldiers (Black Lives Matter); a movement whose origins were completely fabricated and based 100% on lies; activist students, led by fanatical teachers were trained in Communism to fight the fictional oppression of a race of people who are already free with extra protections.

Let us not forget how kids are used as political pawns to march for the Democrat Party in a mission to extinguish the 2nd Amendment and free speech. This happens nearly every time a shooting occurs, which is usually done by a child or individual raised with progressive ideology and a collective view of responsibility. This of course, is paid for by our tax dollars!

Then, we have the perversion of human biology, psychological disorders, and truth. Sex Education has been turned into a marketing and indoctrination campaign to disrupt normal healthy sexual development and pervert it with counter-cultural, unhealthy, and degrading sexual disorders. I am not trying to attack actual victims afflicted with these disorders because there are a small percentage of people who legitimately suffer from them, and they do so for reasons the Scientific Community no longer wants to study, such as psychiatric disorders, physiological, hormonal or chromosomal disorders.

However, the political movement attached to this is nothing more than a strategy to corrupt and harm the individual and the nuclear family. Taking normal healthy children who otherwise wouldn’t even think of these things and then subjecting them to training on how to become someone afflicted with these disorders, is absolute abuse and exploitation.  

Finally, we have the surveillance and monitoring systems being installed everywhere and now, in schools. These are not just the old CCTV cameras. They are high-tech spy systems with facial recognition and audio recording, along with 360* panning, zoom and tilt. This trains children that it’s okay for the government to spy on them for no reason.  Oh sure, you can claim it’s for their safety and security but that’s the excuse every fascistic regime uses.  It is also precisely why we have a fourth and fifth amendment in our Bill of Rights. Not only are kids being spied upon as well as adults, but their information is also mined, commoditized, and monetized by social media, surveillance, and marketing companies as well as government institutions. Do they know this and the dangers of it? To what extent is their DATA stored, and to whom is it shared with or sold?

These are just a handful of examples of the way children are being treated in Public Schools.  This does not qualify as education, nor does it serve the public.  It serves the political party controlling the state, hell-bent on controlling us.

Are we really this self-absorbed to sit here and allow radical revolutionaries turn today’s students into tomorrow’s Tyrants?

What can we do? Lots of things, big things. Start with a real plan, not just a ceremonial gesture to win votes for before an election. I would propose a bill in Montana that we could call the Childhood Development Protection Act.

The Purpose is to protect students under the age of 18 years from exploitation, abuse, and cultural teachings outside the approval of parents or guardians and prevent the Indoctrination of students from anti-Constitutional propaganda.  Public Education is public because it is meant to serve the public who fund it and rely on it to educate and encourage independent thinking in their children. It is not meant to be used as a laboratory for social experimentation or a breeding ground for a revolutionary army to topple the existing political system.

This plan would basically do the following in these bullet points. Violations of this statute would range from misdemeanor fines, suspension or revocation of teaching privileges,  mandatory termination from public employment and even felony charges for more serious offense. These would include exposing minors to inappropriate sexual materials or unauthorized medical treatments.


1.) PROHIBITION OF THE EXPLOITATION OF CHILDREN FOR POLITICAL, PERSONAL AND PROFITABLE CAUSES: This bans public employees, School teachers, and Volunteers from soliciting, lobbying, and organizing special interest activities or political actions on school grounds.

A. On the Contrary, these same people cannot restrict speech, self-expression, political speech, religious opinions or ban students from expressing support to a cause in which they believe.

B. Clothing – worn by students can be used to express opinions or beliefs but must adhere to decency standards (no nudity), and it shall not display vulgar language such as known profanity (to be defined). Vulgar language does NOT include speech others find offensive nor what someone defines as Hate Speech. Free speech must be protected.

C. Teachers, Public Employees and Volunteers are Prohibited from advocating for political candidates on School grounds or during off campus classroom activities.

D. Public Employees are banned from displaying flags on School property other than the Official United States flag, previous U.S. flags, Montana, State, County, or Municipal flags, or other officially recognized flags approved by law.

d-1:  Students are NOT subject to this restriction and can display a flag on their vehicle, clothing, art, or accessories as a matter of free expression.

d-2: The Displaying of any flags for educational purposes as part of a lesson plan or visual aid within a classroom setting shall be permitted if it is not a permanent fixture or used for advocating for that particular cause on school grounds by Public Employees, teachers or volunteers.


2.) PROTECTING PRIVACY OF STUDENTS, This Bans all collection, storage, and distribution of personal information by Public Employees, School Teachers or Volunteers including camera footage of all students to third parties for profit, marketing, or long-term surveillance monitoring.  All records released must have approval from that individual or legal guardian.

A. It shall limit data storage of students to academic and basic vital records only.



A. Science and Biology courses are restricted to teach natural biology, reproduction, and nothing more. The Promotion and advocacy of A-typical Sexual orientation, identity and psychological disorders is prohibited to anyone under the age of 18 years on school campus grounds or off campus school activities. This only applies to Public Employees, Teachers, or School Volunteers and does not apply to students.

B. All students must enroll and pass a minimum of two semesters in Government Functionality and Civics courses as part of the educational curriculum required for graduation. These courses must include the history and study of The United States founding documents and their functional use today.

B.1 – English must be the official language of public instruction as to ensure the comprehension and meaning of governing documents.

C. Anti- American theories which are proven to be highly inaccurate with the intent of indoctrinating students is forbidden. This includes Critical Race theory and the 1619 Project or other revisionist propaganda training used for the same purpose. Public Employees, School Teachers and Volunteers are prohibited from teaching this on school property or during off-campus school activities.

D. Healthy nutrition and Physical Education activities shall be required in at least one semester per year in all grade levels eight and above unless that student is currently enrolled in sports.

D.1 - Nutrition classes are prohibited from promoting vegan only diets to anyone under 18 years of age.

E. Self-defense, martial arts, and situational awareness must be offered as an elective. For at least two semesters.

F. Firearms safety classes shall be made available as a credited course which would include the operation, functionality, and safe handling of firearms such as rifles and Pistols. Students are not expected to fire live ammunition but learn the theory.


4.) ELECTIONS: Place school board elections under the jurisdiction of County Election Departments.

A. Ban mail in Voting for all levy and school board elections, except for absentee ballot requests.

B. Move school Board Elections to the regular election schedule.


5.) OVER-SITE: School officials must not restrict the volunteer over-site of parents and or tax-paying citizens who wish to sit in class and monitor lessons during teaching activities. Cameras are allowed. However, the photography, filming and recording of minors under the age of eighteen years shall not be used for commercial purposes. Teachers and Principals may determine how many parents are allowed in one class and capacity and must adhere to Building, safety and Fire Codes. A minimum of three spots must be provided and there cannot be a permanent spot held for select individuals. Positions must be offered on a first come first get basis.

Rules would include the following.

A. Parents are prohibited from soliciting or lobbying minors or classroom personnel during this time. Disruptions to teaching activities may only be allowed if a child is being physically abused or verbally assaulted.

B. A parent or guardian may remove his or her child from classroom activities anytime they feel the lesson is inappropriate or inconsistent with their traditions or beliefs.

C. Parents who disrupt regular classroom lessons by becoming a deliberate distraction may be asked to leave at the request of the teacher, principle, or volunteer instructor. Disrupting a class shall defined as creating a deliberate distraction outside the activities of observation.

D. Parents or tax paying citizens may assist or speak to students at the request of the teacher but must adhere to the volunteer guidelines for teachers and volunteers when doing so.

E. All school Curriculum, books and lesson plans must be available for public review.


6.) MEDICAL FREEDOM: Public Employees, Teachers or Volunteers shall not in any way have authority to force students to wear facial coverings, masks, or personal protective equipment of any kind, except where educational or laboratory activities require it as a direct safety precaution for that specific activity.

A. A public Health officer shall not override this statute in any way but may only recommend certain health safety precautions.

B. No Person of any age shall be subjected to experimental Emergency Use medical procedures as a requirement for enrollment into any public education setting.

C. Current medical authorized procedures MUST allow for personal, religious, or medical exemptions.

D. Public Employees, Teachers and Volunteers are prohibited from discussing any personal medical procedures with students on school grounds or in a professional capacity during off campus classroom activities without parental consent. Signature consent forms will be required and kept on record within the student’s academic record and are to be included. The consent form Expires at the end of each school year.

E. Medical treatment, Inoculations and psychotherapy shall not be performed in any circumstance without parental consent except for in emergency life threatening situations, where a student requires emergency medical treatment to preserve life, sustain injury or treat wounds.


7.) SCHOOL MEALS: If meals are offered in public schools (funded by taxpayers). Schools are prohibited from serving synthetic meats and must offer a variety of fruits, vegetables and animal meats. It is imperative that developing children and young adults have lean animal proteins for proper physical development.











Legislative Action

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This article was discussed with select Montana legislators on June 1st 2022.  It was received well and we should expect some action on some of the mentioned topics.  The goal is to push them all through, either as a few larger bills or several smaller ones.

Public advocacy is desperately needed in order to build widespread support.  This situation is dire and it requires immediate action.  Today's students are literally whatever future we have. Protecting their development is protecting our future.

“A primary object should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?”

- George Washington.


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