Recap of Area 5 meeting on 7-25-2021

Info Jul 27, 2021
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Here’s a little recap of Area 5s Benton, Franklin & Walla Walla Counties, area meeting. 

First and foremost, It was great to be able to get together and check in on everyone. We always enjoy seeing everyone at our area meetings. We have a fabulous group of faithful friends, whose goal is to support each other and share ideas on how to be the most productive individuals we can. And most importantly to Learn what our Constitutional Rights are, and how best to defend them with Peaceful NonCompliance. 

We are always looking for a Location to have our meetings on a regular basis, so If you know of a place please forward that info to your area Assistant for consideration. 

            “ We don’t support Violence or the Overthrow of government. We would like you to be  the government that you’re supposed to be and stop being lawless.”

JC Hall.

These words were spoken by JC Hall in reference to his own household. These are fundamentally the reason we come together, to learn how to do this. 

One of the Most important aspects to knowing our Constitutional Rights is that they apply to everyone. Even those who are in an elected position of our government. To demonstrate a Peaceful NonCompliance toward these elected persons, is to show our respect toward our own Constitutional  Rights.

As we continue our Course studies on the Genealogy of the Constitution by Krisanne Hall. We learned that when the “Promise of receiving the things of our Expectation” is made by potential elective candidates or current elected candidate. This is when we become complacent to their lies. We owe it to our children, grandchildren and future children to be NON Compliant. To force the change necessary to maintain our Inalienable Rights given to us by our God, not by our elected servants. 

Thanks to everyone who was able to make the meeting, everyone of you are a source of encouragement to the group. See you next time! 


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